What Should Be the Last Item in the County’s Time Capsule? You Decide!

In celebration of the county’s 175th anniversary, Clackamas County is set to lower a 50-year time capsule shortly after 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 4, on the grounds of the Red Soils campus in Oregon City.
Items in the time capsule – to be opened in 2068 – were selected because of their uniqueness in representing Clackamas County, their representation of the county’s strategic plan and their overall expected interest level for future residents. 
In addition to the items detailed below, the county is conducting a social media campaign and soliciting votes to determine the final item to be placed in the capsule. Residents can vote online at https://www.clackamas.us/pga/choose-the-last-item-for-our-time-capsule. The three options are locally produced honey, a comic book from Dark Horse Comics (which is headquartered in Milwaukie) and a pair of #ClackCo sunglasses.
Capsule items include:
  • Commemorative wooden beaver coin: Selected in collaboration with local heritage organizations, this coin is a reproduction of those minted in 1849 in Oregon City. 
  • Christmas tree ornament: Clackamas County produces the most Christmas trees in Oregon, and the second-most in the entire country. An ornament was included to signify this impressive production, and the item showcases sites in Oregon City including Willamette Falls. (Performance Clackamas goal: Grow a vibrant economy)
  • #ClackCo Quarterly: Clackamas County’s hard-copy newsletter will detail some of the services it offers at this moment in time to our residents.
  • Drain marker: This curb/street sticker is utilized by the county to remind people not to dump chemicals or other harmful materials. (Performance Clackamas goal: Build a strong infrastructure)
  • Fishing flies: Included to symbolize the passion that county residents have for local rivers, five fishing flies made by a county resident are included. (Performance Clackamas goal: Honor, utilize, promote and invest in our natural resources)
  • Legislative agenda: This past year’s state legislative agenda will provide a sense of the major issues that Clackamas County faces today. (Performance Clackamas goal: Build public trust through good government)
  • Llama soap: Clackamas County has the third-most llamas in the country. This unusual soap is felted with llama fur, and highlights an interesting quirk about the county. 
  • Ski wax: Produced by a county-based manufacturer, this ski wax helps to highlight our residents’ love for Mount Hood. (Performance Clackamas goal: Honor, utilize, promote and invest in our natural resources)
  • View-Master: This item, utilized in recent years by the county in a marketing campaign, provides glimpses of how the county looks today. 
  • Water filtration system: Clackamas County continually raises awareness about the risk to the area posed by earthquakes. This item is perfect to include in a “stay-kit,” which residents are encouraged to develop. (Performance Clackamas goal: Ensure safe, healthy and secure communities)
Additionally, weeks prior to this capsule’s burial, commissioners held a 175th anniversary celebration, as the Clackamas District was created in 1843 by the state’s provisional legislature. A photo from that event, with the five current commissioners and several past commissioners, is included, as well as a photo of the new wall-mounting that shows the names of all former commissioners.  
Lastly, letters from the current Clackamas County Commissioners to their future counterparts are included. 

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