Our Story

Now Hear This Media was founded in August 2018 by longtime friends Tyler Clawson and Tyler Francke to launch the Canby Now Podcast.

Through our fresh approach to storytelling, embrace of unheard stories and underrepresented voices, hard work, and unapologetic championing of our community, the Canby Now Podcast amassed a large social media following and more than 100,000 downloads in its first year — becoming, for many, the primary source of local news in the Canby area.

In September 2019, we founded Now Hear This Studios in downtown Canby, a one-of-a-kind, first-rate audio and digital production studio to produce our projects and provide a wide variety of services to the business, government and nonprofit community.

In August 2020, the Canby Now Podcast was rebranded as a digital-first news outlet composed of three distinct and high-quality properties: The Canby Current, CanbyFirst.com and Now Hear This: Canby, which engage the community and offer valuable opportunities to business partners in their own unique ways.

NHT Media is planning its next expansion, the launch of a weekly digital version of The Canby Current newspaper, in spring 2021.

Now Hear This Media is a Canby-grown, family-owned operation, built in the image of the community we love and serve. Our mission is to provide high-quality, distinctive and energetic local journalism that tells the story of Canby and supports local businesses and organizations.