The Use of Field Trips in Teaching and Learning

The Main Types of Field Trips

Elementary Schools Trips

The elementary school trips are ideal for students aged between four and twelve years. Primarily, they help the students to develop their cognitive skills and refresh from classwork. The most common destinations for elementary trips include zoos and museums.

Middle Age Excursions

The middle-age field excursions are great for the students aged between 11 and 14 years. These are children in the upper class, and so the main aim of the trip is to have fun. These excursions could be in theater, national parks, and historic sites.

High School Trips

As the name implies, high school trips are meant for teenagers in high school. The primary purpose of these trips is to have fun, relax, and have real-world studies. Mostly, these trips are based on factories, companies, businesses, or sports events.

College Trips

They are ideal for students aged between eleven and fifteen years. These students visit different colleges to learn a different culture, and probably, know what happens in colleges. Students can also choose the best colleges they like to join after finishing high school.

Club Trips

Club trips are specifically designed for a few people. The people who get the chance to go for the journey are those who belong to the trip. For instance, the wildlife trip members may decide to have a wildfire club trip to apply what they always discuss in the class. Students of all ages can participate in club trips.

The Benefits of Field Trips

Helps in the Real-world Learning

Students come from different backgrounds. They are used to the same setup, meaning that they may not have real-time information on what happens in the outside world. When they visit a zoo, a museum, or an aquarium, they understand the outdoor environment better. They also get a great connection with the things they learn in schools. For instance, if they have read about lions, the zoo field trip will help know the lions better. The same case applies to all types of trips, besides the zoos.

They Enhance Cultural Growth

Field trips provide students with many culturally enriching experiences. These experiences help children learn about new cultures, new people, and new ways of doing things. As they come across various things, they learn to be empathic and tolerant, which helps them see more significant life opportunities. As referenced on, there are many beautiful sites and destinations for excursions which can help students enrich their culture. Students may use that opportunity to learn new languages, new places, and new ways of learning.

Helps in Team Building

Studies show that students learn well when they are on a team. When students come together, they share information in a better way and also understand each other excellently. A great team can also enhance the communication and presentation skills of the students. A great field trip helps the students to interact with each other in a non-formal setup. The interaction reduces the classroom tension and also helps them to embrace question
s. Often, you may find the students and the teacher’s communication, more freely in their excursions compared to how they do in the classroom.
Helps Students to Relax

All work and no play make Jim a dull boy. Continuous classwork without excursions can easily make the students dull. Besides, the classroom activities have minimal movements, meaning that the students do not get to stretch, to talk to each other or relax well. A well-planned field trip helps the children rest well and refresh up for their next classwork.

From the above, it’s evident that field trips are beneficial to students. There are also many types of trips, which give students a chance to have as many excursions as possible. If you are a teacher or a parent, make sure you take the children for a trip once in a while. Also, equip the students with all the things they require to have an exciting experience. Plan well too, and select the ideal destinations for the trips. By so doing, you will help the children attain better grades, relax, and learn things.

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