Stanton Furniture’s Proposed Warehouse Facility in Industrial Park to be Reviewed by Planning Commission

You may want to sit down for this one. I’ll couch it in the simplest terms I can: Another large company is eyeing a move to Canby.

Stanton Furniture, currently based in Tualatin, hopes to relocate their staff of 300 employees and the entirety of their operations to the Canby Pioneer Industrial Park, if their proposal for a 174,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility is approved. The Canby Planning Commission is scheduled to review the project on Monday.

Stanton is a family owned and operated furniture manufacturer known for their high-quality sofas, recliners and other home furnishings, which are designed with unique features to add comfort, durability and customer satisfaction, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

As the company says on their website, “the Stanton name is synonymous with quality and is well known in the Western U.S. for craftsmanship and reliability.”

Over the past 40 years, the Stanton family has manufactured more upholstered furniture than any other company based in the Pacific Northwest.

The project site is located a stone’s throw from Columbia Distributing’s new facility, still under construction, and immediately to the south of the location of Caruso Produce, another Tualatin company who wants to move here (suck it, Tualatin) and whose facility was OK’d by the planning board at their last meeting.

Stanton’s facility would be mostly warehouse space — 160,885 square feet of it — along with about 6,500 square feet of office space and 6,500 square feet of storage. The project would also include employee parking, 36 loading docks (most of them along Mulino Road) and a yard area, as well as required landscaping.

The property is bordered by SE 4th Ave., a road that is currently unfinished, to the north and South Mulino Road on the east. Developers would be expected to provide half street improvements to city standards along 4th Ave and Mulino Road.

Trafficwise, the project is expected to generate an estimated 460 new daily trips, approximately 64 of them during the peak a.m. rush hour and 69 during the peak p.m. rush hour.

The company proposes to split their approximately 300 employees between two shifts, one that starts at about 5:30 a.m. and runs through 3, and one that starts at 3 p.m. and runs through midnight.

If approved, the company would hope to start construction in the spring and complete the project by February of 2021.

Oliver Korsness, a Canby resident who submitted his comments to the Planning Commission in advance of Monday’s hearing, called Stanton “a great business for our industrial park.”

“This is great: A clean, low-impact business that will provide a good tax base and create many jobs for the Canby area,” he wrote, going on to suggest that the school district look at buying land for future expansion while it is available.

“After this, I believe this area is completed,” he said of the industrial park. “Canby has enough industrial land to support the town.”

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