Scissors-Branding Shoplifters Flee Mall, Arrested in Front of Sheriff’s Office

Two robbery suspects were arrested this week after allegedly fleeing the scene of the crime — straight to the headquarters of the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a reported strong-arm robbery — in which one suspect threateningly brandished a pair of scissors — at the JCPenney at Clackamas Town Center.

The incident began shortly before noon on Tuesday, when JCPenney loss-prevention personnel confronted two people they’d observed attempting to steal shoes from the store. They’d seen the man — Mateo George Emerson, 22 — grab a pair of Nike gym shoes from a display and stuff them in his backpack, while the woman — Aracelly Medina-Parker, 19 — reportedly selected a pair of Adidas shoes and put them on her feet, leaving the yellow sales tag on the Adidas and her old shoes behind.

During the confrontation, Mateo Emerson reportedly pulled a pair of scissors from his pocket and began waving it at the employees while yelling, “Get back!” Emerson and Medina-Parker then fled the mall.

Responding deputies quickly spotted the suspects running down the street. Conveniently, they were fleeing on Sunnybrook Boulevard, right in front of Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office headquarters. A search produced additional stolen loot, including a JCPenney brand watch and necklace/pendant set.

Mateo Emerson and Aracelly Medina-Parker were taken to Clackamas County Jail and booked. Emerson was charged with third-degree robbery and second-degree theft; Medina-Parker was charged with second-degree theft.

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