Residents Weigh In: If Downtown Canby Were a Person, What Would They Be Feeling Right Now?

As part of her work analyzing opportunities for improvements and strategic investments in downtown Canby, economic consultant Michele Reeves asked an unusual question: If downtown Canby were a person, what would they be feeling right now?

Here’s what a few of you said.

Formerly, Parsons pharmacy, soon to be the home of Caldera.

“Canby is like a sweet old person, full of life in their mind.”

Holly Street Mall, seen from North Holly.

“Downtown is like Santa Claus. A few times a year, it brings joy to everyone in the community, but it’s still an old, white-haired man that is tired.”

The old police station on the Canby Civic Block.

“A young grandma, warm and welcoming but not old enough to seem uncool or boring. But she’s feeling overwhelmed with all the changes and updates going on. She wants to find herself again and be relevant, but not in a way that inauthentic to herself and her roots.”

Backside of Post Furnishings.

“Christopher Walken.”

American Legion Post No. 122.

“A bald, older history teacher…fine with just getting by in looks and functionality. He knows that he has potential and he wants to be what he aspired to be originally, but what was that? He is so far from where he started, he thinks he can’t get back to his purpose.”

The old police station on the Canby Civic Block.

“He’s not a bad place; he doesn’t mean to be cranky and slow, but he’s stuck in his ways and afraid.”

Sign for the Holly Street Mall.

“It’s an Oregonian trying to keep others from moving here by keeping the nice stuff off of 99 hidden, causing everyone who drives down 99 to think it’s drab… just gas, a burger, and continue on their way.”

Corner of NW 2nd and Fir, looking south.

“Trying to get back into shape and is not ready to give up, but maybe doesn’t know where to start. When they figure it out, it’s going to be in best shape of life!”

Old City Hall on the Canby Civic Block.

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