Remote Learning Resumes for Canby School District — Except Carus, Ninety-One

After three days dark — one due to holiday and two to widespread power and internet outages related to the historic Valentine’s Day ice storm — live, remote instruction will resume for most Canby School District students Thursday.

In a message to families Wednesday afternoon, Superintendent Trip Goodall said classes for Ninety-One School in Hubbard and Carus Elementary east of Canby will be canceled through the end of the week, while instruction for the rest of the district resumes on a non-mandatory basis.

“The Ninety-One and Carus communities continue to be the hardest hit by this storm,” Goodall said. “It is unclear when we can expect full power and internet to return to these communities. As such, there will be NO CLASSES for Ninety-One and Carus students tomorrow and Friday. Staff at these schools will spend these days preparing offline work for next week, in the event that these disruptions continue.”

While there are power and internet outages affecting thousands of people in rural Clackamas County, Goodall said the district recognizes the “importance of providing remote instruction for our students.”

If a student at Canby High or Baker Prairie Middle School is unable to attend due to power or internet issues, they will be held harmless and will not be required to make up assignments or class time, the district said.

“We know some of our staff are still experiencing power and internet outages,” Goodall said. “However, they can access both from our schools. We are confident most staff will be able to provide live, remote instruction tomorrow. If a student logs into Zoom and doesn’t immediately have access to their teacher, please continue to try to connect throughout the day.”

In a later message Wednesday, Canby High School Principal Greg Dinse acknowledged that some CHS students live in the Carus and Ninety-One areas and remain without power and internet access.

“We recognize that this storm has caused a lot of troubles for everyone and some are still without key services,” he said. “For our most impacted families, … we understand the challenges you face and our staff will adjust their expectations during this period. Feel free to connect with teachers and explain your circumstances.”

CHS and the district are also exploring some additional support measures to help students with their technology and reconnecting with school during the crisis, Dinse added.

Meal delivery will also resume Thursday, with residents advised that buses may be a little later than usual while navigating the conditions. Grab-and-go meals will also be provided at Baker Prairie Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The North Marion School District, however, will remain closed Thursday, with online learning as well as all on-campus activities canceled, including limited in-person instruction, testing and athletics. Drive-through meals will be available for pickup between 10 a.m. and noon at the middle school. Meals will also be dropped off at Rivenes Park in Hubbard between 10:30 and 11 a.m.

Clackamas Community College is also fully closed Thursday: No remote operations, remote or online classes, or telework will occur.

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