Project Shakespeare Would Rank as Canby’s Second Largest Employer

It’s not exactly surprising that a new development the size of the proposed Project Shakespeare would make a huge impact on Canby. It’s a warehouse and distribution facility about two and a half times the size of the Canby Fred Meyer, and that’s before two expansions that are planned for sometime in the future.

Exactly how big the impact will be remains to be seen. One thing we do know is that the proposed beverage distribution facility would come in as the city of Canby’s second-largest employer if it meets its planned staffing level of 242 full-time employees.

That would put it second only to Fred Meyer — yes, the same Fred Meyer that could fit inside Project Shakespeare twice, with room to spare. Freddy’s employs about 280 people in Canby. Rounding out the current top five are Johnson Controls, at 238; Kendal Floral, at 220; Milwaukee Electronics NW, at 195; and Shimadzu USA, at 180.

(Note: Because of when these numbers were retrieved, it’s possible that the employment statistics for Fred Meyer are inflated due to seasonal hiring. A firm number for Canby FM’s year-round staffing level is not available at this time.)

Of course, we don’t yet know if the project involves 240 actual job openings, or just the shifting of already filled positions from other facilities, since the identity of the tenant their exact plans are re: employment have not been confirmed.

Whatever the case may be, it seems clear that injecting that many new working employees in Canby will obviously be seen and felt in many ways. That’s more cars on the roads, and more potential customers for local goods, services and housing.

Here’s the city’s top employers, courtesy Canby Business:

Business NameEmployees (2018)Employees (2017)Business Description
Fred Meyer280231Retail Sales
Johnson Controls238229Manufacturer of Batteries
Kendal Floral220192Wholesale Flower Distributor
MEC NW180156Electronics Manufacturer
Shimadzu USA Mfgr, Inc143123Manufacturer of Scientific Equipment
JV Northwest143123Manufacturer Stainless Steel Tanks
Marquis Care115120Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care
SR Smith LLC10585Manufacturer of Pool Deck Equipment
Cutsforth’s Thriftway10098Grocery
Wilson Construction82117Electrical Utility Contractor
American Steel7374Steel Service Center
DirectLink6964Phone/Cable/Internet Company
Pioneer Pump6686Pump Manufacturer
Cascade Engineering66n/aManufacturer of Aerospace Components
BBC Steel4945Steel Fabrication
OBC Northwest4742Horticultural Supply
Package Containers3943Paper Converter
Hot Off the Press3435Publishing
Product Manufacturing2930Precision Metal Machining
Spectrum Woodworking2635Custom Commercial Cabinetry
Potter's Industries2021Glass Bead Manufacturing

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