‘Play Me Off’: Canby Music Store Bids Farewell to Longest-Serving Employee

“We’ll Meet Again.” “Never Can Say Goodbye.” “Don’t You (Forget About Me).” “I Will Remember You.” Hey — it is the Canby Music store, after all, so any number of sappy goodbye songs might have been appropriate this week, as the store bid “farewell” to its longest-serving employee, Taylor Andersen.

“He’s been here for six years — longer than anyone besides myself,” says Canby Music owner/founder Brian Haines. “He’s been an integral part of helping the store grow. We’ve had a lot of really good times together.”

Andersen, who has served as the store’s manager, instrument repair technician, clerk, (loss prevention officer) and many other roles, said he and his wife are planning a big move to San Antonio, Texas, where they hope to avoid some of the severe allergy issues that have plagued her for years, and where both hope to plug into the vibrant local music scene.

“It’s really important for both of us to be able to stay in the music industry,” Andersen says. “She hasn’t really had a chance to work in the industry much, but we both went to college for music and hope to continue in that direction.”

The two met by pure happenstance at a gig for Haines’ band. One of their members had called in sick, and they needed a saxophone — which Andersen happens to play (quite well, I might add). Andersen was at the gig with his instrument, having played earlier in a different group.

“One of the guys I was with said, ‘We sure could use a saxophone for this next song,’ and Taylor comes running up,” Haines recalled with a laugh.

The two got to talking afterward. Haines was looking for a part-time employee for Canby Music. Andersen, who had just graduated high school, was looking for a job. It was one of those things that just worked out.

“It’s been a good run here,” Andersen said. “We’ve accomplished a lot. We have a rental fleet now that’s reputable. Our repairs are reputable.”

He’ll be leaving the store in good hands. Of course, Haines is still there. And a new associate, Nathan Doty, will be taking on Andersen’s share of the repairs, rentals and other duties as needed.

It’s all work Doty has actually already been doing for the better part of a year, as Andersen has transitioned into more of a sales and mentor role, Haines said.

Canby Music is a full-service, small-town music store, offering a variety of instruments and accessories for sale or rent, as well as an in-house repair shop and lots of private lessons. Check them out at canbymusic.com, by calling 503-263-2263 or at their downtown Canby location, 232 NW 1st Ave.

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