Pandemic Takes Toll on Canby Businesses

Several area businesses have closed their doors indefinitely in recent days and months — a likely sign of the heavy toll the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions continues to exact on the local economy.

Salon L in downtown Canby was the first to close, in April — though this was not entirely attributed to the pandemic, and it was soon replaced by another salon: Sprigg & Koehler.

The next month, the beloved local seamstress shop Jael’s Creations closed its doors — but this, too, was more the result of other factors.

Canby’s newest coffeeshop, Coffee Doodle Doo, closed its doors suddenly over the last weekend in August, reportedly sending some employees scrambling.

All signage and much of the furnishings remain up in the cafe located adjacent to the Chevron fuel station on Highway 99E. A handwritten sign on the door directs visitors to call Stein Oil Co. — which owns both the Chevron and the shop — for information.

More recently, Scatter Creek Junction, an eclectic antique shop, bakery and cafe in Aurora, closed this past weekend due to the retirement of owner Glenda Hawke.

Canby CrossFit, a family-friendly gym and fitness experience that opened just a couple of years ago, has also closed permanently, according to a Jan. 5 post on Facebook and Instagram.

“The building may be empty… the affiliation canceled… but it will live on in my heart and hopefully in the hearts of our many members that made Canby CrossFit what it was,” said owner Trisha Kinney.

“A place for everyone, a place for families, a place for growth and encouragement… a place for community! It will stay with me forever and carry on through my coaching … it will have a piece of my heart always!”

Finally, Canby Dry Cleaners on Highway 99E has also closed “indefinitely,” The Canby Current has learned. A sign on the door provides a number to arrange pickup for those with items in their care.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,” management said in the note.

While no reason was given for the dry cleaners’ closure, the move to telework for many offices this year likely didn’t help.

As one longtime Canby resident joked when asked about the business: “Too many people no longer wearing suits. No need to take pajamas to the cleaners.”

On the brighter side, the Canby community came to the aid of one of the town’s beloved restaurants this week, after a series of posts on the Facebook group Canby Now reminded residents of the importance of supporting local businesses.

“This last year has been one of the hardest years most have faced,” Leona Gwynns, daughter of Gwynn’s Coffeehouse owners Mallory and Sheri Gwynns, said in one of the posts.

“It’s no surprise that after the multiple shutdowns, and fires that surrounded our communities, that a small business like my family’s is struggling to hold on. It breaks my heart to think about the possibility of having to close our doors permanently due to circumstances that are out of our control.”

Mallory Gwynn himself also weighed in on the posts, thanking the community for their continued support while acknowledging the difficult economic circumstances that many find themselves in.

“There’s no pressure to come in,” he said. “We know there are a lot of people hurting all over the place. There are a lot of businesses hurting and households that are in a terrible situation, and we understand that.”

Nevertheless, fhe message was heard, loud and clear. Wednesday, the coffeeshop was slammed with orders for their legendary soups and gourmet sandwiches — running out of several items and being on as much as a two-hour wait for orders.

“They were so busy that a lot is sold out,” said one commenter on Facebook. “I bought a gift card, and will try again another time <3." "Happy that I called ahead," said another. "It was a couple hour wait, lol. Love how Canby supports local."

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