Oregon House Republican Leader: ‘Black Lives Matter’

Saying “silence can be hurtful, and there is too much pain already,” House Republican Leader Christine Drazan, of Canby, posted a statement to Twitter Sunday in support of “an end to racism and all forms of abusive power.”

“Black lives matter and I will not simply serve as a silent ally for equality,” she said. “Power in all forms must be accountable, limited and responsive to Oregonians. Racism must not weather the storm of public outrage in the safe harbor of the halls of government.”

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While Republicans tend to be less likely to favor the Black Lives Matter movement or harbor concerns about how racial minorities are treated by police, the recent wave of protests has been unique in drawing support and consideration from a politically broader spectrum than is typically seen — particularly in today’s divisive climate.

Canby is one of hundreds of small, majority white and conservative-leaning towns to host peaceful demonstrations in support of the cause.

And Canby Mayor Brian Hodson was one of 25 Portland area mayors — virtually all of whom were white — to sign a joint statement recognizing “systemic and institutional racial violence that plagues our nation.”

“It is time to break the cycle,” Drazan said. “We must move forward together, face our failings and carry another’s burdens if we are to lead to a future that ensures a lasting equality.”

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