OBITUARIES: Longtime Doctor Remembered for Love of Sports, Literature and Adventure

Dr. Lynn Kadwell, of Canby, passed away on the beautiful morning of August 23, at his home, surrounded by his beloved family. He was 85.

He was born on July 10, 1937, in Coldwater, Michigan, to Zoa and Lewie Kadwell, and had three Brothers, Ken, Dan and Brian, with Lynn being the second oldest.

A lover of sports, literature, music and life’s best adventures, Dr. Kadwell began his young adulthood studying Voice at Ohio’s Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

In college is where Dr. Kadwell would meet his wife, Diane, who was also a music major. They were wed on June 6, 1959. Dr. Kadwell would change his major to physical education as he also enjoyed teaching others, but not after long, a professor would encourage Lynn to consider becoming a doctor.

At first, Lynn said, “No,” but he couldn’t get the idea of being a doctor out of his mind. With encouragement and support from Diane, Lynn would enter medical school at the age of 28. Dr. Kadwell would then receive his medical degree from the Chicago Osteopathic Medicine School in 1969 and complete a family practice internship at Mt. Clemens Osteopathic Hospital in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, in 1970.

After vacationing in Oregon, Dr. Kadwell inquired about practice opportunities and found himself in Canby. He felt Canby was a small found paradise and began to practice here in 1971 with plans of setting permanent roots in Oregon.

During Dr. Kadwell’s professional career, he averaged seeing 35 to 40 patients a day, as well as delivering more than 75 babies in the area. He often made home visits to bedridden patients, as well as visits to the local hospitals before there were emergency rooms.

Dr. Kadwell would practice in Canby for 42 years and participate in mission trips to Ensenada, Mexico, twice a year, with local friends from church and within the community to provide healthcare and supplies to those in need with Olive Tree Children’s Ministries, before retiring in 2017 from Pacific Medical Group.

Out of all of Dr. Kadwell’s greatest life accomplishments, being a husband, father and grandfather were among his favorites. He and Diane had two boys, Richard and David Kadwell, and Dr. Kadwell would assist in the birth of his grandchildren, Kristine and Nicholas Kadwell.

He also loved to support Diane’s successes, as she taught piano out of their home to many of the local musicians in the Clackamas County area. Lynn always loved listening to the student’s progress with Diane’s teachings and hosting piano recitals.

Family vacations to Eagle Crest Resort in Bend were a family favorite for spending time together, golfing, whitewater rafting and creating countless memories that will last a lifetime.

Dr. Kadwell set the example for not only his family, but all the lives he encountered, to always be curious, educate yourselves whenever possible, work hard, laugh a lot, enjoy the music, put God and family first and to play the ball where it lies — no matter how difficult the play is.

Just like any difficult play on the golf course, a beloved life passed on is no exception. And with that, we shall play the ball where it lies, and continue with Dr. Kadwell in our loving memory.

To honor Dr. Kadwell’s life, an end of an era at Pacific Medical Group and his contributions to the community, the family invites you to honor him at 2 p.m. October 15, at Bethany Church, located at 450 South Ivy Street in Canby.

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