Nine New Cases Confirmed in Canby in Past Week

No new cases of Covid-19 were reported at the Marquis Hope Village Post-Acute Rehab center for the first week in over a month — but the total count for the Canby area rose anyway, from 118 to 127.

According to the OHA’s weekly report, nine additional residents tested positive for the novel coronavirus during the week ending Sunday, July 5.

Canby’s rate of infection, meaning the number of residents who have been infected per capita, also rose slightly, to 56 confirmed cases per 10,000 people. This translates to just over half a percent — or 1 in 200 residents — who have contracted Covid-19 at some point since the outbreak began in February.

The report suggests that the virus continues to spread more slowly in Canby than it did in the first three weeks of June. However, it does continue to spread — and the rise this time cannot be blamed on the state’s second-largest outbreak at a long-term care facility, which happens to be located in Canby

The number of cases tied to the senior rehab center remained at 112, which includes 33 residents and 43 staff members. Ten have died — all residents.

The count in neighboring Oregon City continued its upward trend, with 32 new cases reported in the past week. Its count, 137, has outpaced Canby’s for the first time and is now the largest total in Clackamas County.

However, its infection rate, 26.7 cases per 10,000 residents, remains less than half that of Canby’s thanks to its much higher population.

Outside of Canby and Oregon City, Wilsonville rose only slightly, from 43 to 47. Its infection rate nearly doubled, from 11.9 to 20.5.

Molalla saw five new cases and is now at 53, with an infection rate of 35.1 — still the second-highest rate in the county.

And the arguments of those who, like Dr. Sean Stone of Providence Willamette Falls Medical Center, say the increase in cases is not due simply to more testing were further bolstered by this week’s report, as a record 14 percent of tests came back positive — a marked rise over the previous statewide average of 4.2.

Total case counts are cumulative and compiled over the course of the Covid-19 outbreak. Some cases are likely to have recovered, but the exact number is unknown. The OHA does not report deaths, recoveries, hospitalizations, the total numbers tested, or any other demographic information at the level of city or ZIP code.

Most cases of Covid-19 have mild or moderate symptoms, and the vast majority recover. Those who are older or who have underlying medical conditions are at much greater risk for serious complications and death.

If you develop a fever or respiratory symptoms such as a cough or shortness of breath, contact your primary care provider or Clackamas County Health Centers.

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