New Cases Much Slower in Canby This Week

Only five new cases of the novel coronavirus were reported for the Canby ZIP code in the week ending Sunday, July 26 — the lowest weekly increase the community has seen for almost two months.

It was a marked decrease from the previous week, when the city’s number of new cases was more than three times higher. The primary driver for Canby’s numbers in the month of June was a large outbreak at Marquis Hope Village, which is now considered resolved.

Canby has now seen 164 confirmed cases — the second-highest in the county behind neighboring Oregon City’s 183. Canby’s per capita infection rate, though, is much higher because of population differences: 72.3 per 10,000 residents vs. 35.6 for Oregon City.

Canby’s infection rate is also far above that of the state as a whole (40 cases per 10,000 Oregonians).

Molalla also has a high rate of infection, 42.3 cases per 10,000, which is the second-highest in the county. Only one small workplace outbreak has been tied to the area this month: seven cases at the Interfor lumber mill. Its total cases are at 64 — up six from the previous week.

Wilsonville saw 12 new cases in the week ending Sunday, July 26. Its total rose from 61 to 73, with an infection rate of 34.8.

Total case counts are cumulative and compiled over the course of the Covid-19 outbreak. Some cases are likely to have recovered, but the exact number is unknown. The OHA does not report deaths, recoveries, hospitalizations, the total numbers tested, or any other demographic information at the level of city or ZIP code.

Statewide, the percentage of tests that come back positive decreased from 6.6% to 5.1%. Hospitalizations of 21 to 24 per day are now on par with the March and April peaks of 20 to 25 per day, despite reported daily case counts more than three times as high.

Officials said this is most likely due to detection and testing that has greatly improved since the early days of the pandemic, and an increased infection rate in young, healthy people — who are at much lower risk for hospitalization or death.

In Oregon, half of all cases are from people under the age of 40, and those in their 20s and 30s are now the group most likely to get sick with Covid-19.

Large outbreaks have contributed a diminishing proportion of recent cases, and sporadic cases have increased, which is consistent with diffuse community spread.

ICU bed usage remains well below capacity statewide.

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