Nessie? Mysterious Creature Seen in Canby Pond

The mystery of the Loch Ness Monster has captivated people for centuries.

Though the entire loch has been searched, top to bottom, using radar and other technology, without turning up any proof of the elusive beast, true believers continue to insist that there is more than meets the eye lurking beneath that placid surface.

What if, all this time, they were looking in the wrong place?

That’s the assertion of local resident Douglas Metherton, who claims he saw a large creature resembling classic depictions of Nessie, sunning herself Wednesday afternoon right here in the Canby Pond.

“She had a long neck and a small, horse-like head,” said Metherton. “All told, her neck was at least 20 feet above the water, and I could see the hump of her enormous back right there in the center of the pond. She gave me a long look, and seemed to smile, then went back below the surface of the deep.”

The Canby pond, which has no connection to any larger body of water and covers an area smaller than an acre in size, seems an unlikely place to find an enormous relic from millions of years ago, still alive and well, and undiscovered until this day.

But Metherton insists that Nessie — or Pondy, as the creature has become known — has indeed been discovered, and provided blurry cellphone pictures as proof.

The photos do appear to show the outline of a large, long-necked creature in the center of the pond — or possibly just Metherton’s thumb.

Decide for yourself. The truth is out there.

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