Molalla Fire, CCSO Saved a Kitten from a Tree, and It Is the Cutest Thing Ever

Move over, Baby Yoda. There’s a new, irresistibly cute creature winning over fans — at least in this corner of the galaxy — and its name is Scootaloo.

While responding to an unrelated call last week on Eves Road south of Molalla, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Lister came across the most heartbreaking of crises: a four-month-old kitten stuck in a tree.

Thinking quickly, the deputy immediately called in the experts in such matters: firefighters. (Apparently, Mr. Incredible was otherwise engaged.)

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Our deputy immediately called the experts in kitten rescue: firefighters.This photo captures the facial expression of @MolallaFire personnel at the exact moment they were informed they’d actually been called to get a cat out of a tree.

It wasn’t until Molalla Fire District arrived on the scene that Deputy Lister told them they’d been called to rescue an actual cat stuck in a tree. Despite their expertise, things started primitively. And unsuccessfully.

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Molalla Fire ( @MolallaFire ) went to work. The kitten was uncooperative.

But, there’s more than one way to skin a cat — or so they say — and they soon had liberated Scootaloo from its woody prison, safe and sound.

The joy is overwhelming.

The owners could not be immediately located, so the kitten stayed in Deputy Lister’s custody, getting fed and even joining him in a ride-along.

Deputy Lister was in love.

Eventually, the kitten was reunited with its family. It had been missing for two days. In a weird coincidence, one of the family members is also a Sheriff’s Office employee.

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UPDATE – A VERY HAPPY ENDING:Deputy Lister just reunited the kitten with its family! It had been missing for two days.(Bonus weird coincidence: A member of the kitten’s family is ALSO a Sheriff’s Office employee. #WorkingTogether )

We’re grateful to the CCSO and Molalla Fire for their service in this case. I guess, when they say “No call too small,” they really mean it. But if one of the people involved is not — right now — working on a spec script for a buddy cop movie called Lister & Scootaloo, someone has seriously dropped the ball.

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