‘Missing Piece’ Falls Into Place, as Canby Music Becomes Authorized Store for Fender Guitars

Canby Music, Canby’s local source for instruments, repairs, supplies and lessons, is celebrating not one but two major additions in recent months, welcoming new employee Cody McEldowney and the full line of Fender products as an authorized retailer.

The iconic manufacturer of top-quality electric and bass guitars, amps, basses, accessories and more has been long-awaited at Canby Music.

As owner Brian Haines explained, the store had an arrangement in place to welcome the Fender line when they opened their new, much larger location on Northwest 1st Avenue in 2020, but the pandemic put a hold on the brand’s expansion plans.

Photos by Tyler Francke.

“I had already been talking to them, and we had our order placed and ready to go for when we moved in over here,” Haines recalled. “But because of manufacturing slow-downs, supply chain issues and everybody being out of stock of everything, they pulled the plug on all new dealers. And that just went on and on and on.”

Fortunately, those days are in the past, and Canby Music is thrilled to be a fully authorized dealer for all products comprising the quintessential Fender line.

“Fender was always the missing piece for us,” he said. “Everyone knows them as the makers of the ultimate, iconic rock guitar, but they also basically invented the electric bass guitar. They were the first ones that produced it. They were one of the first ones with electric guitars. So everybody knows what they are.

Photos by Tyler Francke.

“People come in here and they know the product line better than we do sometimes because they’re just that into it.”

And with upwards of 100 guitars in the Fender line available on-site — and complete access to the company’s line through special order — Haines said customers will have the luxury of selecting just the right fit for their music style and level of expertise.

“As far as electric guitars are concerned, there are three levels, and the price points reflect that,” Haines explained. “Then, they have a pretty big line of acoustic guitars as well, and they are also one of the biggest amp manufacturers. They even have an entry-level guitar for students just starting out.

Photos by Tyler Francke.

“We will also continue to carry Breedlove, which is an Oregon company, along with Deering banjos, Kala ukuleles and Casio keyboards. But Fender was that missing link. Now, it really feels like everything is where it’s supposed to be in here.”

McEldowney, who joined the Canby Music team in mid-2022, was already well-acquainted with the Fender brand thanks to his 15-plus years on the local music circuit, most recently with the Oregon City-based rock outfit The Sonic Splits.

Though he’s a drummer, not a guitarist, he said he can’t recall ever playing with a band that didn’t have at least one Fender on the gear roster.

Photos by Tyler Francke.

“No, they always have one,” he said with a laugh. “Fender’s always there.”

McEldowney said he first learned of the Canby Music gig while scrolling Instagram. Though a veteran of playing bars and comedy clubs, this is his first “real” job in music — and he couldn’t be happier with it.

“This is the best job,” he said. “It’s really the best-case scenario that I could’ve asked for: I get to play drums every day, and help people get into or get better at music.”

Photos by Tyler Francke.

With a chuckle, he added, “And I get paid way more than in free drinks or splitting $100 in tips between five people.”

Canby Music offers a wide variety of instrument sales and rentals, as well as a full range of accessories, and continues to expand its offerings and availability for vocal and instrument lessons.

Canby Music is located at 590 NW 1st Avenue in Canby. For more information, call 503-263-2263 or visit canbymusic.com.

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