Mark Prairie Historical Society Seeks to Reorganize, Preserve Local History and Historic School Building

In 1847, pioneer John Mark and his family left Jackson County, Missouri, on a covered wagon, headed for the Oregon Trail. They arrived in Oregon City, where John Mark traded a yoke of oxen and a wagon (or a mare; depend on who you ask) for 640 acres with a cabin on it. His family claimed land nearby, and before long, a small settlement was taking shape: Mark Prairie.

Circa the year 1900, a school was built on two acres on Mark Road, south of Canby. It’s a historic building that was, at one time, part of the Canby School District and survives to this day, owned and protected by the Mark Prairie Historical Society. The society is currently in the midst of reorganization and is seeking members to help preserve the valuable history in one of the few old schoolhouses that remain in Clackamas County.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of MPHS must send their contact information (name, address, email address, phone number) along with check for $10. Checks should be made payable to Mark Prairie Historical Society. The information and check must be received by June 14, 2019, but the MPHS will continue to collect new member information even if you miss the deadline.

Membership information and checks may be mailed to:

Charitable Activities Section
Attn: Jeremy Piatt, Investigator
100 SW Market Street
Portland, OR 97201

Once their office has collected and processed the new membership requests, they will compile a new membership roster and share it with all MPHS members. Elections for new directors and officers will proceed shortly thereafter. Once the new board is in place, the board and membership can address updating/changes to the organization’s bylaws.

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