Major Expansion Proposed for Hope Village Community

Hope Village leaders are planning a major expansion — one that would add 14 acres to the senior living community’s 34-acre footprint, and an additional 160 units to the campus’s existing 392.

The proposal would also add a new type of housing — three-story, “mid-rise” apartment buildings — to its existing mix of cottages, duplexes, single-level and low-rise (two-story) units.

The expansion has been in the works for years as part of the development’s long-range planning, but was made official only recently when the proposal was filed with the city of Canby. The Canby Planning Commission is slated to consider the proposal on Aug. 10.

The Hope Village nonprofit was established and began making plans for the senior living community in 1983 — though the idea had actually been in the works since the 1950s. The first unit was built in 1997.

Its current mix of nearly 400 living spaces includes 138 market-rate leases for seniors, 100 affordable tax credit spaces for those who qualify, and 154 units operated by Marquis Hope Village, including 80 assisted living rooms, 50 for post-acute rehab and 24 in a new memory care wing — which has finished construction but not yet been licensed to accept residents.

“Over recent years, Hope Village has acquired adjacent properties for the purpose of future expansion, until enough additional area has been obtained to make expansion feasible,” say plans submitted to the city in support of Hope Village’s proposed south expansion.

“In cooperation with the developer of the recently purchased McMartin Farm, Hope Village has now obtained additional land directly adjacent to the south to allow for additional units to be added, along with access to public utilities and vehicle access from Ivy Street.”

The south expansion will be fully integrated into the existing campus — with streets, pathways, trails and landscaping aimed at “melding the two parts together” — but officials admit it will differ in overall building design.

Artist’s renderings of the proposed three-story hybrid buildings, front (top) and back. Courtesy the city of Canby.

The addition of three-story, mid-rise buildings was in an effort to reach the goal of 160 units for the new property. Officials expect that it may present a “marketing challenge” (since it is a style of housing that has never been offered by Hope Village since the project began 40 years ago), so staff have spent time reviewing how other senior living communities have promoted mid-rise units.

“While Hope Village is concerned for the change in housing style and the acceptance by existing residents, the fact is that Hope Village is planning for future residents who may not yet be in the market for senior housing,” the plans state. “This South Campus expansion is part of a plan by Hope Village to provide the best possible senior housing to that ‘upcoming’ generation of residents.”

Planners have also taken pains to mitigate the new structures’ impact on the existing sightlines for current residents.

“Hope Village has gone to great lengths to ensure the proposed combination of low- and mid-rise buildings will become ‘part’ of the Hope Village campus,” they said. “Where possible, views and vistas will be protected, and there will be no dominating structures beyond the three-story mid-rise buildings.”

The mid-rise structures will be built in pairs, linked by an enclosed breezeway and a shared community space. Each building will feature elevators, a ground-floor parking area for residents and 14 units — in a mix of one-, two- and three-bed configurations.

In keeping with Hope Village’s Mount Hood-themed branding, the names of the new projects include Hood View, Mountain Suites, Timberline and Vista House.

Officials say this type of housing is in demand for the senior market, and will allow Hope Village to continue to offer a competitive mix of different housing options.

“Once completed, Hope Village will be able to offer a variety of housing types that are severely needed in the Canby area,” they say, noting the senior living community currently has a two- to three-year waiting list. “The demand for senior housing is increasing constantly everywhere. This addition of the South Campus will likely make Hope Village one of the ‘destination’ sites for seniors.”

Assuming Hope Village’s plans are approved, construction is likely to begin in 2021. It will be planned in four phases, anticipated to take about two years each, but may be accelerated based on market demands.

Proposed site plan showing the existing buildings and infrastructure, along with the proposed expansion to the south. Courtesy the city of Canby.

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