‘I’m Scared, To Be Honest’: An Oral History of Canby in the Midst of the COVID Crisis

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This is Canby Then, the segment where we would normally share with you fun and colorful stories from our community’s past.

But today, we stand in the unique position of living through history. We as a community have experienced events we have never experienced before and never will again (I mean, one can only hope, right?).

Who knows? Maybe 50, 75 or even 100 years from now, some plucky young podcasters will be telling historical stories about what we’re experiencing right now. So, let’s give them something to work with.

This week, we went on Facebook and asked Canby a simple question: “How are you holding up?” This is what you said. This is an oral history of Canby in the midst of the COVID crisis.

Thanks for asking. I’m doing well. I teach students in China remotely, so I have been “living with Corona” since January. So I understand all this but it is still kind of surreal. Now, my students and parents are encouraging me. I also work for another company that provides products to address all the health issues that we are concerned with. The interest is high for people seeking information and wanting what we have. It’s been busy these last two days. I open shopping accounts so people can shop online and have it come directly to their door. So life is crazy busy right now. But all is good, and we’ll get through this.

Monday was a hard day. My husband is in management in the restaurant business.

Kids are bored. My business is dead. And I think I have now seen everything on Netflix.

Working from home. Doctor called me this morning and grounded me. She said I’m high risk and if I catch it, my prognosis is grim.

I’m doing well, but I feel like I should be doing something to help. I’m used to self isolation after studying for the bar exam and am able to work from home, so I’m lucky there. My family is all safe, but I worry about my daughter who is in the arts and up until yesterday worked in restaurants in Seattle. I can’t stress enough how important it is for everyone to stay home. Please, just stay home if you can.

It’s hard. My husband is in the auto industry, and the sales are down 70 percent compared to last year at this time. If they don’t sell cars, he has none to paint. It’s not going to be fun.

Life is good, God is with us. Just keep the faith and pray. It helps to get relaxed. God bless you all!

My daughter has cystic fibrosis, which puts her in the high-risk category. We pulled our little guy from day care to protect her as much as we can. My husband and I both have essential jobs, so we will social distance ourselves from our coworkers as much as we can. My mom just finished chemo two weeks ago, and is set to start radiation at the end of the month. My dad is in his late 70s, has had two heart attacks, diabetes, and crappy lungs. I’m just trying to keep a touch of sanity and do the best I can to keep those I love safe.

I went and got supplies/goodies to take to my mom and staff at Pheasant Pointe since they’re on lockdown. Dropped them off at the door and waved hello. I have the utmost respect for all the staff taking good care of our loved ones 💕

I want to do what I can to help. I’m a nursing student, and while I’m not “qualified” to do anything, I want to help however I can. If you or someone you know needs help with shopping, if you need help setting up a teleconference with your doctor, I can do that. Please let me know!

We are fine. It is a confusing time, and I am so concerned for health workers. Especially at Kaiser. Not permitted to wear face masks when they need them and not protected. It’s a scary time, and the ones we need to take care of us are not being taken care of.

I am remote teaching and broadcasting live to my virtual classrooms. It is fun to learn something new! I would never have learned this otherwise! (But, man, it’s a lot of preparation!)

Thinking about what they are missing because of the school closures has been very hard. The girls had a full calendar with band and state theater competitions and sports. After the tears came boredom and stressing the unknown future. They aren’t even a week into this. It’s going to be a long spring. I’m putting up my Christmas lights this week. The world needs something to smile about.

I work for two local companies, both of whom have had to temporarily lay me off. But my husband has a great job and is working for now. Even if they run out of tasks, I think 🤞🏻 He will continue to be paid (he works for a school district — he’s currently on cleaning duty, but his usual job is electrician). So feeling very grateful for that. I’m home with my two boys, amazed at how much they actually eat in a day 😱 Just trying to find the new normal. Cooking a lot, dabbling in some fun online learning activities, thinking about weeding my garden to get ready for planting…

I started getting a sore throat and cough last Tuesday, and I’ve stuck around the house since then. On work days, I’ve been working from home. It feels weird to telecommute when my job is only a quarter-mile from my house, but I’m certainly glad I have the opportunity. My management and coworkers are supportive and happy that I’m contributing while also keeping the risk down, so that’s nice. Overall, everything is good. I’m just hoping everyone else is able to make it through this.

It’s just surreal. I’m trying to process the historical nature of what is happening. It’s very much akin to me the same feeling surrounding 9/11…but certainly different in its own way. These times will be what we talk about to future generations. I’m trying to put aside anxiety for economic hardship for my family and my neighbors in hopes that at the very least everyone has the chance to stay well. And all this on a sunny, beautiful day that shows the Earth will continue to turn.

I’m scared, to be honest. We are in unprecedented times, and while I know it’s better to overreact than to under-react, I’m worried about the future of my business and how the closures will affect it. We’re good, but loss of income is a scary thing, especially when I still have expenditures and debt responsibility that doesn’t go away when there’s no business.

While I always appreciate any extra days I get to spend with my teenagers who are growing too quickly, I’m mourning the days one by one that my senior is missing out on the last moments before graduation… if there will even be one. It all happened so fast, and we are processing and grieving and being careful and appreciative of what we do have, including health and healthy friends and family! We have thought about how to positively give to those around us, we’ve slept in and played cards or baked together a bit. But major life moments being changed is heavy on my mind right now.

My mom got laid off because she works at a restaurant. Pretty afraid we might lose our house.

I thought I was doing pretty good. But this morning I am feeling the weight of it. I know it will pass. Thought I would not have to go out today and realized I had a couple things I need to not have to shop for a couple of weeks or more. Not looking forward to going to the store. This will pass as I do some cleaning and walk the dog in nature.

I’m a bit concerned. I manage a truck shop with 12 people who work for me and truck drivers passing through there all night. Who knows what these drivers have been in contact with but we’re busy and gotta keep the trucks on the road so they can get groceries and other goods to the stores. We also opened up a salon in February that my wife manages. We have a building lease to pay. We could probably get by on just my income, except for the lease payment on the building and loan payment on the business. I also worry about the girls who lease stations from us because they need money to live also. A lot up in the air right now, and it’s concerning. Luckily, my job isn’t going anywhere. Unless I get sick.

Scared for my family members with compromised immune systems. Scared for my lower middle class friends who don’t qualify for assistance and this is detrimental for survival. Stressed, as I’m trying to keep as many as I can afloat and making runs to grocery stores for friends who can’t. Scared to cough to be sent home and lose income. It just all feels so surreal. Can someone pinch me to wake me up?

I’m doing okay. Wish I could get some sanitizer somewhere though. I am a little concerned at some point I won’t be able to get my safe foods (I’m diabetic and very strict). Just feeling bad for how this will impact many people.

Still looking for TP 😂 Made the mistake of thinking folks would realize that if we all just bought TP like normal, the shortage we created would balance out. Oops! Ahem. With mom’s cancer, we are social distancing like crazy, so maybe we will get lucky and find some before our last rolls are gone 🤣

As together as I think I am most of the time, I have to say all of this has my stress and anxiety levels elevated. Praying for all of us to see what is actually happening and for the common sense to do the right things. Be kind.

I’m struggling some days. My oldest son turns 21 next week. We won’t be able to take him out for dinner like we’d planned. My middle son is a senior and I’m preparing myself for the possibility of no graduation ceremony. These are just the “minor” things on my mind 😭😭

What was secure a month ago has now become insecure and unknown which creates anxiety in everyone. They don’t call it a “storm” for nothing.

Well, since my husband and I are both in the service industry, we pretty much lost our jobs yesterday, so that is pretty rough. But, we have each other, and that’s a lot.

We are all in this together! My hubby and I are way past being seniors! But we are so blessed to live in a great neighborhood where two different neighbors have shopped for us already 💕💕 When this anxiety gets heavy…start counting your blessings, because you will find you have more than you know 💕

I’m really sad. I’m sick, so staying at home — and even when I’m better staying at home is best. But I miss the buzz of being out in town. I’m so extroverted, and it’s hard for me.

I’m also scared for our jobs. My husband makes some money from music (but has had to cancel all of his shows), and the rest from a large company that serves small businesses. They’re quick to lay off in disruption.

I own a real estate company and my industry can be very volatile at times like this.

We have four kids, and while we’ve saved enough to weather a storm, I don’t know how long this will last and it makes me nervous.

I’m also very worried about our most vulnerable people in town and in our lives. I want everyone to survive this, and it saddens me to think some of us will lose family members, friends, or neighbors.

But I’m also an optimist at heart. I’m just trying to do my part to help people as best as I can, and hoping we all make it through and can hug on the other side of this.

Photo courtesy Tony Tellache, Bikes N More.

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