How the Face Mask Mandate Can Save Lives

The global pandemic of the novel coronavirus has taken the world by surprise and resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths all around the world. The United States has been significantly affected by the virus and has seen record numbers of infections and mortality.

With conflicting advice coming from all around, many consider wearing a face mask a political statement that denotes a person’s partisanship. However, the virus, its means of spreading, and face masks are indifferent to political beliefs, and wearing a mask can save lives. Here is how the face mask mandate of 2020 can save you and those you love.

How A Virus Spreads

Viruses require a host body to survive. They infect a living organism and survive by multiplying and mutating within it. Viruses cannot live without a host long and research suggests that the coronavirus, in particular, cannot survive in temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). To continue its biological evolution, the virus infects multiple hosts.

This transmission can come about in several ways, the most common being aerosolized transmission. This means simply breathing the same air as someone near you can cause infection. This is why social distancing was recommended. But, speaking about the coronavirus specifically, it is transmitted through respiratory droplets, most commonly.

Limits Those Affected with The Virus from Spreading It

As Covid-19 is transmitted from respiratory droplets, wearing a mask can help limit your contamination of others if you have been infected. If you speak while wearing a mask, you are less likely to have respiratory droplets spread from your mouth to any other person. Any droplets will be caught by your mask, making you limit the spread, which is key as you may be asymptomatic and carry the virus unknowingly.

Initially, finding face masks and other protective equipment was difficult. They are now readily available and you can click here to see how some companies can offer quick shipping of high-quality masks. High-quality masks are a much better alternative to makeshift masks that some have opted for.

Limits those Unaffected with The Virus from Catching It

You can’t control whether others wear masks or not. While many public establishments require patrons to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing rules, many refuse to do so.

But this doesn’t mean you’re helpless. Simply wear a mask yourself. While you may not be infected, wearing a mask protects you from contracting the virus. It limits your exposure to anything in the air, especially respiratory droplets, and helps protect you from infection.

Conflicting news over the matter is likely to continue. With the added politicization, it has become exceptionally difficult to assess which news sources are biased which aren’t. However, we know, for a fact, masks reduce infection.

This is evident in hospitals across the world and by the mere fact that, for decades, doctors and surgeons have worn masks to protect themselves and their patients. Wearing a mask can easily save lives as anyone is susceptible to infection and carries may be asymptomatic.

Be safe. Wear a mask. Save lives.

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