How Does Downtown Canby Make You Feel? The City Wants to Know!

What words would you use to describe downtown Canby right now? What about in the past? The future? What are the people who live in Canby passionate about? If downtown Canby were a person, what would you say it is feeling right now?

These are just some of the questions that the city wants to know your answers to as it maps out the future of the economic development and revitalization of downtown Canby. They are being assisted in the effort by Michele Reeves, of Civilis Consulting, an economic strategist known for her unique, creative and energetic approach to strategic development in downtown corridors and other urban areas.

Having had coffee and a nice talk with Michele, I can tell you with some confidence that the question about downtown Canby as a person definitely came from her.

Civilis and Canby Business (the city’s office of economic development and tourism) have conducted several productive rounds of focus groups and a core stakeholders workshop, and are now launching this online survey as the next phase in their effort to determine how best to improve economic performance in downtown Canby.

The city notes that, while some of the questions are not easy, they ask only that you give each one your best shot, and tell us what you really think. They are looking for unvarnished truth!

Take the survey here:

Part of the deliverables the city is seeking from Civilis Consultants will be an “identity framework” for downtown Canby, which will provide a narrative thread that can be used for planning, policy, marketing, and economic development initiatives. The framework’s results and recommendations will be drawn directly from public input and feedback, so the more folks who participate, the more accurate it will be!

A public presentation detailing the results of this analysis has been set for 6 p.m. Sept. 25. Location to be determined.

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