Gov. Brown Blasts Republican Senators in Statement Acknowledging the Death of Cap and Trade Bill

Governor Kate Brown acknowledged that HB 2020, the proposed cap and trade bill, is dead in a statement this afternoon. Failed negotiations over the bill last week sparked a walkout by the Senate’s 11 Republican members.

“Senate Republicans have blocked a bill that provides a better future for our state and for our children, and the tactics they employed to do so are not just unacceptable, but dangerous,” Gov. Brown said. “This is not the Oregon Way and cannot be rewarded.”

There has been no word yet on if this means the walkout is over and the Republicans will return to the state to finish the session. In her statement, the governor challenged them to return by tomorrow afternoon.

“It’s now up to Republicans to prove me wrong,” she said. “Are they against climate change legislation or are they against democracy? If they are not back by Wednesday afternoon, we will know the answer.”

A number of local conservatives expressed skepticism at Gov. Brown’s words, including Canby Mayor Brian Hodson.

“No bill is dead until the session is officially gaveled as done,” he said in a Twitter post Tuesday. “When that happens, then we can say it is dead. Then again, is it really dead?”

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