Golf for Beginners: Rules and Proper Etiquette

If you’re not yet familiar with the game of golf, you’re forgiven. This is because golf has in ages been considered a gentleman’s game. And true to every word, it’s the only game that helps to shape one’s character and strength of mind.

It’s also among the sports where players must first and foremost practice sports etiquette. More so, players must also learn about the importance of grooming. Ladies, sorry for excluding you in the first lines. But as it turns out, more women than ever before are fancying the game of golf.

Unlike in yesteryears when it had a reputation of being too white, male-oriented, a game for the elderly, and too expensive, golf is today attracting people from all walks of life, gender, and race. Today, you’ll even see young boys and girls learning how to swing and being technical with the game like pros. To help you with your game practice, it’s important that as a beginner, you learn the rules of the game.

In this eye-opener as a golf starter, you’ll learn the rules and proper etiquette in the game of golf:

1. Arrival

Players must keep time for their tees. Arrival at the course should be at least 20 minutes to your tee time. This will give you ample time to get your golf bag loaded as well as preparing yourself for the game. This is the time to apply sunscreen, polish your golf sticks, and eat a snack.

Various golf courses have caddie programs and this is an excellent time for you to get acquainted with your caddie. A great caddie can make your rounds seem more enjoyable, especially if they’ve been training and learning their golf etiquette. In addition to this, the fact that they know the course better will be a great plus on your part as they’ll provide you with vital course information such as reading the greens, layout of the course, and helping with your club selection. So be kind to them and tip well.

2. The Golf Cart Rules

Today, golf carts have become an integral part of modern golf. You’ll even hear them being discussed on the rules of golf and there are specific items that are designated for them. But ladies and gentlemen, this is not racing equipment. Golf carts are meant to drive you to your ball and around the course.

It’s also important that when driving the golf cart, you avoid any wet areas or you may damage the turf. Ideally, you should leave things as you found them, or better than you found them. You must report any mechanical issues with the golf cart to the management, just to make sure that someone else will have a better experience with the golf cart.

3. Turn Off Your Cell Phone

We all know how important your gadget is to you but then again, it shouldn’t ring on someone’s backswing. Alternatively, you can keep your cell phone on vibration mode. This way, you’ll not distract other players. If you must take an important call, it should be meters away from the other players and while at it, make it a short call such that no one knows you even made a call.

4. It Doesn’t Hurt To Lend a Hand

The idea is to make other players have a better experience in the course as much as possible. Don’t just walk by a provisional ball that is out of place. Again, always be on the lookout for lost balls. If you pay attention, you’ll realize so many things that may be out of place. Occasionally, be of help to someone else. A simple “Great shot, buddy,” can go a long way into improving someone else’s game.

Among other things you perhaps don’t do on the green include:

  • Watching your shadow
  • Don’t stand on another player’s line
  • Holding the pin for others
  • Marking the position of your ball with a coin if it’s in the line of another player
  • 5. Dressing and Grooming For the Game

    It cannot be reiterated enough that golf is a gentleman’s game. Players should, therefore, dress appropriately.

    Here’s how to dress for golf:

  • Shirts (preferably polo colored shirts) should be tucked in
  • Only wear tailored knee-length shorts or long trousers
  • Players should be in their socks whether long, ankle, or trainer socks
  • Only wear golf shoes to the course
  • 6. Proper Etiquette after the Game

    It’s been a tradition in the game of golf to have a drink after the round. But before drinks with the guys, it’s very important to shake hands and add a comment about the game. “That was fun”, “Thanks,” “It was nice meeting you,” or “Good game today,” are among the little things you can say to brighten someone else’s day.

    Finally, if you must attend the clubhouse after the round, it would be better for you if you took off your hat. At least, you’ll not have to be told to buy everyone a drink. It may seem like a lot to remember but as the first rule of thumb, practice makes perfect!

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