Full Closure of Toliver and 213 Planned for Roundabout Construction

The junction of Cascade Highway 213 and Toliver Road in Molalla will close for about two months starting this week for the construction of a new roundabout planned to address a high number of crashes and other safety issues at the intersection.

The current intersection, controlled solely by stop signs, has experienced a high rate of crashes, and the Oregon Department of Transportation has identified the implementation of a roundabout as a viable solution to enhance safety at this junction.

Transportation officials say a roundabout will improve safety by reducing sharp turns while also accommodating the type of traffic that uses it, including large vehicles like trucks, buses and agricultural equipment.

Constructing the roundabout requires widening the intersection at Toliver Road and replacing an existing culvert carrying Bear Creek under 213.

The full closure is necessary because ODOT plans to excavate the entire intersection at once, leaving a hole in the roadway while construction is underway. Local access to homes and businesses will be open up to the work zone, but no traffic will be permitted to travel through the intersection.

Through traffic on 213 will be able to follow a signed detour along Highway 211 and South Union Mills Road. Crews do not plan to use flaggers to direct traffic along detour routes during roundabout construction.

Eastbound traffic on Toliver Road bound can head north on South Dryland Road and turn right onto South Barnards Road, or head south on South Dryland Road and turn left onto OR 211/Main Street.

Westbound traffic on Toliver Road can use Leroy Avenue and turn left onto 211 for 213 north, or right on 211 for 213 south.

The project will also involve the installation of new lighting at the intersection. These measures aim to enhance visibility and overall safety for all road users. The roundabout project, overseen by ODOT, has been allocated a budget of just over $10.2 million, with the city of Molalla contributing a portion of the funding.

Motorists are advised to remain vigilant and adhere to all traffic instructions during the lane closures and subsequent construction phases to ensure a smooth transition to the improved intersection.

The intersection of OR 213 and Toliver Road will be closed July 6 to August 31, 2023. Those living or working in the area may hear noise from construction. A 24/7 nighttime noise hotline is be available for noise concerns at 503-276-7893.

For more information and updates on the roundabout project, visit ODOT’s online open house.

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