Canby School District May Expand In-Person Learning

The Canby School District is reviewing the possibility of expanding in-person learning opportunities for local students in light of the recent news from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lowering the safe distance requirements within classrooms from six feet to three feet.

While thousands of Canby students returned to in-person instruction last month after nearly a full year in distance learning, they are currently limited to only two half-days per week due to reduced class sizes necessitated by the six-foot social distancing requirements.

Cutting those requirements in half would greatly increase the number of students Canby schools accommodate at any one time — but it’s not yet clear how the new guidance will impact officials’ plans, or if there is enough time left in the dwindling academic year to drastically change direction — just a few weeks after returning students to classrooms.

“We are reviewing what that change means for our in-person learning option based on classroom and cohort sizes,” Superintendent Trip Goodall said in a message to families Friday. “We have been looking at schedules and the number of students who are attending in-person each day.”

Goodall said administrators will soon meet with district staff next week to determine “what opportunities there may be to expand in-person learning with the new three feet of physical distance requirements.”

“Throughout the school year, we have made it clear that we want to offer options to families,” Goodall explained. “Some may want to increase in-person learning time, while others will choose to continue learning remotely.

“No matter the learning model, we remain committed to academic rigor, social-emotional connections, and equitable access to opportunities.”

Goodall said he plans to provide more information about any potential increase in on-site instructional minutes next week.

“We continue to move toward our goal of providing as much in-person learning as possible, for those who choose it,” he said. “If we can expand access to on-site instruction, we will.”

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