Disproportionate Number of Canby Residents Have Died of Covid-19

At least 30 Canby-area residents’ deaths were linked to Covid-19 during the coronavirus pandemic — a highly disproportionate number based on county data and the community’s population.

At just over 18,000 souls, Canby represents barely 4% of Clackamas County’s population of more than 420,000. That would suggest that Canby would account for 10 or 11 of the county’s 223 Covid-related deaths.

But the city has actually experienced at least 30 deaths — or 13.5% of the county’s figure.

To make matters worse, the number of Canby residents who died of or with Covid-19 is likely higher than 30. Because the state and county do not provide death data at the community level, that number represents only those whose deaths were traced to outbreaks at two Canby long-term care facilities.

The vast majority, 26, was linked to two separate outbreaks that occurred last year at Marquis Hope Village. Four additional deaths were traced to Country Side Living in downtown Canby, according to Oregon Health Authority data.

Any other Canby residents whose deaths were linked to the virus would represent an even larger share of the county’s mortality rate.

On the other hand, some long-term care residents — particularly those who were at the Post Acute Rehab facility on a temporary basis — may have had permanent homes outside Canby.

An outbreak at the Marquis Hope Village Post Acute Rehab center last June became one of the largest in the state, infecting 113 people and killing 18, according to state data. A second outbreak in November sickened 49, with eight deaths.

Fortunately, Marquis and Canby’s other care homes were aggressive in making the vaccine available to their residents and staff in January and February of this year, and not a single outbreak has occurred in these facilities in 2021, according to the OHA.

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