Covid-19 Case Count for Canby Rises to 111

The number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus linked to the Canby ZIP code has reached triple digits, with 13 new cases identified in the latest weekly report by Oregon Health Authority, bringing the cumulative total to 111. The report was for the week ending Sunday, June 21, and was released Wednesday.

Cases have risen sharply the first few weeks of June, more than tripling from the 35 cases that had been reported as of May 31, and making it the fifth fastest-growing ZIP code in the state, according to a data analysis by The Oregonian.

The increase has been primarily driven by the Covid-19 outbreak at Marquis Hope Village Post-Acute Rehab, which has been linked to 104 cases, including 33 residents and 43 staff, and 10 deaths — all residents.

Whether the increase is entirely attributable to the long-term care facility is not known. But it’s clear that, at least, some of the 104 cases are people who live outside of Canby, including employees and their family members (otherwise, the community’s numbers would be even higher).

An employee at the Canby Fred Meyer store tested positive for the coronavirus last week, but they may also live elsewhere.

Canby’s total number of cases and its rate of infection, 48.9 confirmed cases per 10,000 residents, are both the highest in Clackamas County. That number translates to less than half a percent (0.489%) that have tested positive for the virus in the Canby community, or about one out of every 200 residents.

Neighboring Oregon City has also seen a sharp uptick in new cases lately. Its count has more than tripled since May 31, from 26 to 84 in the most recent report. That represents an increase of more than 31 cases from the previous week.

However, because of its much larger population, its infection rate — 16.4 — is about a third of Canby’s.

Other cities saw much slighter increases. Molalla saw six new cases and is now at 45, with an infection rate of 29.8 — which is the second-highest rate in the county. Wilsonville gained three new cases, from 22 to 25, and has an infection rate of 11.9 cases per 10,000.

The severity of these cases — or even how many of them are still active — is not being reported by the county or state agencies. But the nearest emergency room and full-service hospital — Willamette Falls Medical Center in Oregon City — currently has fewer than 10 Covid-positive patients, according to the report.

Canby is not unique in the state of Oregon, which has seen a steep rise in the overall number of new cases since counties first began reopening last month. But the county’s numbers did lead Governor Kate Brown to reject Clackamas’ request to enter phase 2 reopening apart from its Portland metro area neighbors, despite pleas from the Board of Commissioners and local chambers of commerce.

Covid-19 has contributed to at least 12 deaths in Canby — two residents at Country Side Living and 10 at Marquis Hope Village.

Total case counts are cumulative, and compiled over the course of the Covid-19 outbreak. Some cases are likely to have recovered, but the exact number is unknown. The OHA does not report deaths, recoveries, hospitalizations, the total numbers tested, or any other demographic information at the level of city or ZIP code.

Most cases of Covid-19 have mild or moderate symptoms, and the vast majority recover. Those who are older or who have underlying medical conditions are at much greater risk for serious complications and death.

If you develop a fever or respiratory symptoms such as a cough or shortness of breath, contact your primary care provider or Clackamas County Health Centers.

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