County’s ‘Veterans Village’ Showing Impressive Returns in First Two Months

In what, not so long ago, was just an empty field in the northeast corner of Clackamas County, you will find something remarkable: A new community of military veterans, who were once experiencing homelessness but are now on the road to stability and self-sufficiency.

The county calls it the Veterans Village. It’s a transitional shelter community for homeless veterans, where they receive decent, safe and sanitary housing, as well as access to many other needed services. It opened only two months ago, but county staff reported this week that it is already showing tremendous signs of success.

Two individuals who entered the village have already transitioned into permanent housing. Two others individuals have secured employment since becoming residents, and three more are pursuing employment with a local fire department.

One resident is now attending classes at Clackamas Community College. Two others have primary care physicians and regular medical visits after being on emergency care when they entered the community.

The village has also potentially saved lives. Since moving in, three residents experienced extremely serious and urgent health problems, necessitating emergency services to rush to the scene. If these veterans had been on the street, it’s very likely that they would have died.

Commissioner Martha Schrader said she hopes to see more employment opportunities emerge for residents of the Veterans Village, which she does believe will happen as the project moves forward and local employers see the positive impacts.

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