County Awards $216,000 in Grants to Improve Health-Related Quality of Life

Clackamas County’s Public Health Division announced 12 awardees for grant funding totaling $216,000 last week, including several initiatives aimed at the Canby area. The projects will focus on the goals of improving access to health care and human services and promoting a culture of health and healthy behaviors.

A grant of $18,121 was awarded to the Clackamas County Children’s Commission to partner with Oregon Food Bank to build school pantries at Canby and Sandy Head Start and host monthly free food market at Barlow Center. A grant of $14,117 was awarded to Northwest Family Services to assist the Latin community in diabetes prevention, in the communities of Canby, Gladstone, North Clackamas and Oregon City.

And finally, a grant of $13,053 was awarded to Todos Juntos to introduce nutritional and physical activity utilizing the Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) in six rural schools, including ones in the Canby and Molalla River school districts

The Blueprint for a Healthy Clackamas County is the county’s Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for helping to coordinate, connect and align priorities for collective partnerships that improve the health and quality of life for area residents. Clackamas County’s Public Health Division developed a CHIP as required by state and federal law for accreditation. The Blueprint Grants provide support for community-led health-based programs to reduce poverty, raise awareness, and develop a long-term strategy to ensure a healthier Clackamas County.

Funding for the Blueprint Grants comes from the county’s general fund. Additionally, the United Way provided $40,000 to Clackamas County to support the work of reducing poverty and improving health outcomes for the county’s children and families. United Way of the Columbia-Willamette’s investment supports a partnership where businesses, individuals, and government come together to increase healthy solutions that are born of the community.

“We are excited to announce this year’s Blueprint Grant awards and look forward to the implementation of the projects that increase equitable access to resources, opportunities and environments that maximize the health of our communities,” said Dawn Emerick, Clackamas County’s Public Health Director. “Our partnership with United Way demonstrates the county’s commitment to leveraging Public, Private Partnerships to build stronger public health systems, improvements in health equity and better quality of life.”

For a complete list of the grant awardees, click here.

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