Council Considers Restricting Truck Traffic on Certain City Streets

The Canby Traffic Safety Commission and concerned residents are asking the City Council to restrict trucks and other commercial vehicles on certain streets in town, and to post signs to that effect. The change requires a new ordinance amending the city’s traffic code, which councilors will consider at their next meeting.

One of the main areas of concern is SE 13th Avenue, which trucks use between Ivy and Sequoia Parkway, a route that takes them by a middle school, a popular park and a number of residential neighborhoods. If the change is approved, signs would be posted there and on other restricted streets that read “NO THROUGH TRUCKS, LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY,” and these restrictions would be enforceable by Canby police.

Councilors will also consider changing the structure of the city’s Library Board. Right now, all five of the board’s members live within city limits, which some feel does not adequately represent the interests of all of the library’s patrons, namely those who live in unincorporated county areas.

The request is to expand the board to seven members, with two seats designated for residents who live within the library’s service area, but outside of Canby city limits. Alternatively, the city could simply wait until the terms of two of the board’s current members expire, and replace them with county residents.

The board is also asking the city to add a non-voting seat to the library board, which would be held by a Canby High School student, to, quote, “diversify their perspective, assist their efforts to reach a broader segment of the community and improve the planning and decision-making process.”

The council will meet at 7 p.m. Nov. 7 at the Canby Civic Building on 2nd Ave.

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