City Repaving Will Focus on NW 2nd Avenue, Berg Parkway

The City of Canby’s Public Works department has announced its annual paving schedule for the upcoming fiscal year (which runs from July 2021 to June 2020) will focus on repaving and upgrading portions of Northwest 2nd Avenue and Southwest 13th/Berg Parkway.

The scope of work will include repaving and upgrading ADA ramps on Northwest 2nd Avenue from Holly Street to Grant Street, and Berg Parkway/13th Avenue to Southwest Ivy. Funding is through by the city street maintenance fund and local gas tax revenues.

The project will install approximately 6,000 tons of new asphalt and retrofit 32 ADA ramps, including curbs and sidewalks.

The street maintenance fee is used to maintain and reconstruct city streets, while gas tax revenue is allocated for items such as repair and replacement of sidewalks and ADA ramps. The street maintenance fee generates approximately $600,000 annually and local gas tax revenue generates approximately $400,000 annually.

Eagle-Elsner Inc. was awarded the contract for the upgrades after a competitive request for proposals (RFP) process. The project was designed by engineering firm Curran McLeod, Inc.

Paving work will begin in July 2021 at the beginning of the city’s fiscal year. City-owned streets were rated by the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) in 2018, which creates ratings for road conditions.

Public Works staff reviews the PCI yearly to determine highest priorities for which roads to improve. The city says that, over the last 14 years, there has been a combined total of 31 and a half miles of street maintenance work completed through its street maintenance program.

“I would like to thank the residents and businesses of Canby for the support of our funding sources to keep our roads in top condition,” Interim Public Works Director Jerry Nelzen said.

For questions about this work, contact Nelzen at 503-266-0759.

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