City May Make Exception for Local Trucks Using Restricted Streets

The city council has approved some additional language for managing the city’s truck traffic that they hope will forestall a showdown between some local residents and the users of the Pioneer Industrial Park.

Though the language governs all roads and truck routes in the city, the primary bone of contention is SE 13th Avenue, between Ivy and Sequoia Parkway. Though it is not a truck route, it is routinely used by trucks, leading Tofte Farms and other residents on 13th to ask that the existing ordinance be enforced.

This prompted a response from the industrial community, who claimed the city had made agreements with them when the industrial park was being laid out, to the effect that their trucks would be allowed on 13th.

Yeah, it’s kind of confusing.

As a compromise, City Administrator Rick Robinson proposed additional language and definitions, which would allow the city to grant “local trucks” (commercial trucks that begin or end their trips in Canby) exemptions on certain roads if they choose.

In effect, this would allow the city to give Canby businesses a break, while enforcing the existing routes on trucks that are just passing through.

Councilors agreed that the compromise was an improvement over the previous proposal, but some, like Councilor Sarah Spoon, said a deeper discussion about the city’s transportation plan and trucks routes is still needed.

The new ordinance was approved on first reading by a vote of 5-0. If it passes second reading in January, it will allow the city to begin posting signs such as “No trucks,” “Local delivery only,” or “Local trucks only” on restricted streets.

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