City Invites Residents to Help Map Out Community’s Future

The City of Canby is inviting local residents to help plan for the community’s future with Cultivating Canby, a new, citywide engagement process to update Canby’s comprehensive plan and transportation system plan.

City leaders are reaching out to community members to help create a vision describing how they want to see Canby grow over the next 20 years.

Community members will have opportunities throughout the spring and summer to share what they think makes Canby special, what is important to preserve, and what they would like to change. They can visit the Cultivating Canby website to participate in a variety of activities and events.

Community organizations, groups, and clubs can request a visioning session or host their own using a “community conversation kit” available on the website. Users can also sign up for email updates for the latest news and events.

“The City of Canby hopes to reach as many people as possible during the summer months by engaging folks through Canby’s various community celebrations, organizations, and neighborhoods,” said Planning Director Don Hardy. “This visioning process will provide a foundation for planning Canby’s future.”

The comprehensive plan guides all activities related to land use and the future of natural and manmade systems and services in Canby. The plan helps manage expected population and employment growth through a set of goals, policies, and implementation measures that align with the community’s vision.

In turn, the comprehensive plan must be consistent with Oregon’s statewide planning goals. City leaders expect significant growth over the next two decades and the plan is in need of considerable updates.

The transportation system plan serves as Canby’s primary transportation planning document, covering public transportation, streets, sidewalks, pathways, and more. The plan must align with Oregon’s transportation system while addressing Canby’s connections, growth, safety, and ecosystems.

More details about community events will be announced on the Cultivating Canby website throughout spring and summer. For more information, contact Don Hardy at 503-266-0775 or You can also contact Canby Planning Manager Ryan Potter at 503-266-0712 or

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