City Council Will Consider Taking Position on Canby Ferry’s Fate

It may not be only the citizens weighing in on the fate of the Canby Ferry. The Canby City Council will at their next meeting consider whether to take an official position on the ferry’s future.

Though the decision is the county’s, the two governments often work closely together, and the city’s position would certainly be heard and respected by county commissioners. More than that, however, taking a position could be an important signal of support and solidarity to Canby residents who have a strong opinion on this emotional issue.

For many people in Canby, this is not about road funds or transportation. It’s about the community’s history, identity and unique culture, and some are willing to fight to protect that.

The council’s discussion is likely to involve the question of whether Canby would help support the ferry financially. Here’s Mayor Brian Hodson and Councilor Traci Hensley discussing that matter in a previous meeting.

Although it’s unclear where in the city’s budget they could come up with the money to support the ferry, a request to maintain ferry service without any offer to help fund it would probably not be well received or appreciated by the county.

It’s also not clear if the council has a unanimous opinion on the ferry. The previous discussion concerned only whether they should take a position on the ferry and the bridge, and things may have changed now that the bridge is off the table.

The council will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday. Watch the meeting live at council chambers or on CTV Channel 5.

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