Chick-fil-A ‘Blown Away by the Turnout’ at Canby Church, Will Return Weekly

Chick-fil-A fans rejoice: The new food truck that set up shop in the parking lot of Canby Foursquare Church will be back every week for the foreseeable future.

The truck is an extension of the Chick-fil-A location at Clackamas Promenade, and is practically brand-new; it just served its first customer a few weeks ago. The truck announced on social media that it would visit Canby last Thursday, sparking strong reactions from local residents on different sides of the political spectrum. Because, of course it did.

Seriously, though, Chick-fil-A elicits more die-hard fans and haters than your typical fast food chain because of the company’s values and corporate culture, which are strongly influenced by their late founder, S. Truett Cathy, who was a devout Southern Baptist.

For example, they don’t open on Sundays. They have a foundation that gives to Christian charities and other organizations. They play instrumental versions of Christian contemporary music in their bathrooms. They also serve food on occasion, or so I’ve been told.

When the truck announced its Canby debut, it wasn’t clear if it would be for one day only or a recurring thing. But franchise owner Brian Davis says they were so blown away by the community’s support, they’ll definitely be back.

“Yesterday was a lot of fun,” he said in an email Friday. “Four of our top leaders were working the truck all day and we were blown away by the turnout — it was certainly beyond what we expected.”

Davis confirmed the truck will return to Canby every Thursday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., except for occasional breaks when an event pulls them elsewhere. However, it may not always be at Canby Foursquare.

He said they picked the church based on its visibility, availability of parking, and the fact that the agreement to use the space was beneficial for both parties. “We are certainly open to using other spaces/Canby locations if they are to our business interests,” he added.

Just for the record, Brian Davis does not seem like a hateful or bigoted person. Here’s how he described his restaurant and what they hope to accomplish with the new truck.

“We love this new opportunity to be able to reach out to communities that are a little further than the area directly by our restaurant. We hope to be a source of joy and bring some excitement each time we come. We also value the opportunity to serve all people and look forward to serving the entire Canby community with honor, dignity and respect. Our goal is to serve amazing food, provide amazing service and care to our guests, and to have a positive impact on everyone who comes in contact with Chick-fil-A.”

Photo and video courtesy Chick-fil-A Food Truck PDX.

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