Certified Childbirth Educator Bringing ‘Birth Boot Camp’ Classes to Canby

According to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the national cesarean section rate is still at an alarmingly high level of 32 percent nationwide, despite government and private organizations stressing the importance of lowering the C-section rate.

Parents are increasingly looking for ways to avoid abdominal surgery during the birth of their new baby, and childbirth educators like Sierra Smith are helping these moms and dads avoid unnecessary interventions and have an amazing birth through education.

“I love supporting families and helping them learn more to become informed about their options and to help them have the best experience possible,” Sierra said. “Being a mother of three myself, and experiencing first hand how pregnancy and birth is approached with fear, my goal is to help couples build their confidence surrounding pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood, by sharing Birth Boot Camp with them.”

Sierra is certified through Birth Boot Camp, a Texas based company. Birth Boot Camp students attending Sierra’s classes can choose from a variety of subjects.

“In the last decade we have seen a trend towards families wanting to have more say in their birth,” said Donna Ryan, founder and president of Birth Boot Camp. “The training and curriculum we provide our instructors gives them the tools to help couples in their hometown have the amazing birth experience they desire. We are thrilled to have Sierra in the Birth Boot Camp family.”

Sierra will begin classes in November. Couples can learn more at www.AmazingBirthClass.com or www.AmazingBirthOregon.com.

About Birth Boot Camp

Birth Boot Camp in an online and instructor-led childbirth education curriculum committed to preparing couples for birth, breastfeeding, and parenting through incredible education. Birth Boot Camp also certifies doulas, who specialize in supporting couples in their desired birth.

Birth Boot Camp childbirth education classes are available with independent instructors throughout the country and around the world through online birth classes.

Birth Boot Camp instructor and doula trainings can be found all over the country, offered by our professional and trusted trainers.

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