Carus Preschool to Host Mid-Summer Market

Covid-19 didn’t exactly have ideal timing for anybody involved (with the possible exceptions of Netflix and Amazon), but it was particularly unfortunate for Carus Preschool, which had just moved locations before the pandemic hit.

For most of its nearly 40-year history, the preschool was located at Carus Elementary School — a partnership that proved beneficial for both entities.

“A lot of the kids who go through Carus Preschool end up going to Carus Elementary School, together, through sixth grade,” explained Carus Preschool President Ashley Seifert. “So it’s a pretty cool benefit for the families, for kiddos to be together for seven, eight years.”

The preschool moved to a new, and much larger, location on South Spangler Road in 2019 — which also opened up more room for the school.

But the new location was far less visible for the preschool to reach new families who might benefit from its services — especially coming back from a pandemic.

“When we closed in March, I think everyone thought we would be back in a couple of weeks. The timing was hard,” Seifert admitted.

“With the new location, the kids that might be going to elementary school aren’t seeing the preschool anymore. So the word isn’t getting out.”

Seifert and the preschool are working to reintroduce themselves to the community. They’ve spent some time at the Canby Farmers Market, which inspired them to do their own Mid-Summer Market this Saturday.

“We’ll have some local vendors, Kona Ice and Chug Coffee,” Seifert said. “We are really excited. We think it will be a fun time for kids and a great chance to reconnect with some of our local families.”

The Mid-Summer Market will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Carus Preschool, 16680 South Spangler Road in Beavercreek. For more information, visit

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