Canby Seniors Mark Graduation with ‘Baby Rocks’

Last week, Canby High School and the local community made a big gesture to show their support for the Class of 2020: a 27,000-pound boulder in the heart of the school’s campus, which will serve as a lasting memorial to seniors’ achievements and sacrifices during this unprecedented school year.

The donation — a collaborative effort by Associate Principal Kimie Carroll along with several local contractors and CHS alumni — was placed Monday morning, just in time for the school’s virtual walk-through graduation ceremony, which took seniors through various activities and rites of passage throughout the week.

Of course, not everyone has access to a rock quarry and the heavy machinery it takes to leave such a tribute, so seniors began making their marks with smaller — but much more colorful — tokens. These “baby rocks” were not something administrators at CHS were expecting, but something they quickly embraced.

Greg Dinse on Twitter

Looks like our senior rock had babies! 😸 Maybe more to come? #CanbySeniors2020

“We would love more seniors to add their senior rocks,” Carroll told the Canby Now Podcast. “I think it would be cool to see how many we could get.”

Officials also plan to colorize the “mama rock” at some point but, believe it or not, painting a 6-foot-tall boulder that weighs over 13 tons is more challenging than one that fits in the palm of your hand.

“We are working on the plan,” Carroll said. “It’s just so huge.”

Greg Dinse on Twitter

Hey Seniors! Where are your rocks? #CanbySeniors2020 #CanyProud

Administrators hope the tribute of baby rocks grows this week and next, in advance of graduation day on June 5. Though the ceremony, of course, has been canceled, students and parents will be lined up on campus that day to collect their diplomas, awards and programs.

The footage that was shot last week will culminate in a unique graduation video for seniors, families and the community to enjoy. It will be released the night of June 5.

Canby High seniors are being invited to mark their graduation with their own, hand-painted “baby rocks.” Photo by Tyler Francke.

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