Canby School Board Thanks, Says Farewell to Diane Downs, Andrea Weber

After a campaign that seemed unusually contentious for an off-year May election, there was not a hint of controversy or hard feelings last week as the two newest members of the Canby School Board were sworn in.

Dawn Depner — who has served on other local boards but called her campaign this year the most contentious she’s ever been part of — and Stefani Carlson — who had actually decided not to run after all, but accepted the position when voters elected her anyway — took their oaths and were greeted warmly by their five new colleagues on the school board.

They replace Diane Downs, who announced her retirement after 12 years of service on the board, and Andrea Weber, who had run for a third term but narrowly lost in the run-off with Carlson.

The two outgoing members were thanked and complimented profusely by district staff and the other members of the board, including Director Tom Scott.

Vice Chair Downs got a laugh when she said she had jokingly told her husband the evening would feel like going to her own funeral. In not only her 12 years on the board, but her 27 years as a parent and member of the Canby School District community, she has seen many teachers, many administrators and many who have served on the board of directors.

There were many differences of opinions, philosophy and approach, but one thing was common to all.

In her comments, Andrea Weber said she just wanted to say, “Thank you.”

The Canby School Board will hold an organizational meeting next week to elect officers and approve meeting dates and organizational designations for the coming year. The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Monday in the Meridian Room at the Ackerman Center.

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