Canby Salon Seeks ‘Best Worst’ Quarantine Home Hairstyle

We’ve all been there at some point during quarantine: gazing forlornly at the mirror, tugging at locks that have grown far too long. With trembling hands, you reach for the scissors.

“It’s time,” you think. “How hard can it be?”

Pretty hard, you soon learn.

Photo courtesy Jennah Wiest.

As Clackamas County preps for its long-awaited reopening, allowing hair studios and other personal services to finally get back to business (with strict new safety guidelines), one Canby salon has leaned into one of the more humorous aspects of the shutdown: all the new and definitely unlicensed coiffeurs who’ve tried their hands at the tonsorial arts during quarantine.

Canby Hair & Nails has decided we would like to have some fun and hold a contest,” owner Shelly Hester Hordichok tells the Canby Now Podcast. “We are asking for you to post pictures of the best worst quarantine home hair cuts or styles. The contest starts now and will end when we can open back up.”

Two lucky winners will win a fabulous prize: A free cut from Hordichok or hairdresser Dawn Mullens, to “fix” the best worst hair in town.

The contest kicked off on the Facebook page of the salon located at 23300 Highway 99E, next to Northwest Furniture Outlet, and on the local Facebook group Canby Now. Members of the group will vote on the winners when it comes time to reopen.

Photo courtesy Jennifer Archer.

“We’ve been closed since March 23,” says Hordichok. “I’ve been receiving text messages from my clients sharing their home haircuts and styles, begging and hoping that Oregon will open up shortly so they can get a real haircut. I just thought it would be fun to see what’s out there in Canby.”

The contest is open to all ages and genders. It could be a bad home haircut, or simply a unique style you’ve, um, grown into.

Hordichok said the pictures she’s received so far are great, though she admitted to being a little disappointed there haven’t been more entries yet. Perhaps people are afraid to post their pictures, she guessed.

Or perhaps they saw Stevie Stenberg’s picture of her 10-year-old son, Wyatt, and assumed they had no chance.

Photo courtesy Stevie Stenberg.

“His hair was out of hand,” the Canby mom explained in a Facebook message. “He could pull the front part to the top of his nose. 🤦🏼‍♀️ So I told him I was going to try this new haircut on him.”

She gave him no other details. She was afraid “if I said my real plan, then he may have given more push back,” she explained.

“He’s such a good sport about things,” she said. “He just let me start cutting. When I finished, all he did was roll his eyes and shake his head. Lol.”

Believe it or not, Stenberg is a para-educator trainer for Portland Public Schools — not a professional hairdresser. Some people just have a gift — what can you say?

After two months of quarantine, it’s a scientific fact that you need a haircut. For your chance to win a free one, post a picture of your best worst home hairstyle or cut on Canby Hair & Nails’ Facebook page today.

Photo courtesy Caitlin Crawford.

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