Canby Rite Aid Facing Reduced Hours due to ‘Staffing Challenges’

The Canby Rite Aid has reduced its hours amid “staffing challenges,” with local customers reporting intermittent delays in getting prescriptions filled.

Local chef Tana Klum, who was discharged to her home after breaking her hip last week, said it took two days to get several needed prescriptions — despite multiple calls and a friend stopping by several times.

Ideally, Klum would not have been home at all, but at a rehab facility. However, there were no beds available. Klum’s home would have made a fine Plan B — provided she had access to painkillers and the other medications her doctor prescribed for her recovery.

“The order was not filled before Rite Aid closed last night,” Klum said Wednesday. “My neighbor went to pick it up at 10 a.m., still not ready. Two people in the same line said their prescriptions are a week late. I tried numerous times today — in pain — to call Rite Aid and couldn’t get through.”

Ultimately, Klum called the hospital to see if the drugs could be rerouted to Fred Meyer, but reportedly, they couldn’t get through to Rite Aid either.

“Finally my neighbor went back to Rite Aid and threw a mild fit and got my prescriptions,” she recalled. “I was without pain meds for 30-plus hours.”

While the lack of painkillers was unpleasant, more worrying was not being able to take her prescribed blood thinner — considering that surgery can increase the risk of potentially life-threatening blood clots.

Klum said she is a loyal and longtime Rite Aid customer and hates to complain. She understands the labor challenges facing the company and many other employers across the state and country.

“I love this town with all my heart, and I’m really trying not to be negative,” Klum told The Canby Current. “I know they’re short-staffed and doing the best they can. I hope they’re able to resolve this issue.”

A number of other residents who claimed to be Rite Aid customers reported similar experiences in recent weeks in response to an Oct. 20 post by Klum in the local Facebook group Canby Now. Others reported no issues or delays in getting their prescriptions.

But the Canby Rite Aid is experiencing a staffing crunch, as even company officials admit, and is currently running on reduced hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and closed on Sunday.

“Like most pharmacies and retailers, Rite Aid is experiencing some staffing challenges in different regions, including in Oregon,” Rite Aid Senior External Communications Manager Brad Ducey told the Current in an email.

Ducey said the company is working on a range of initiatives aimed at recruiting and retaining pharmacy associates so it can resume normal hours.

“In the meantime, our pharmacists continue to work hard and with purpose to support our communities with Covid-19 testing, vaccines and day-to-day guidance on whole health,” he said. “Even when stretched, we are working hard to stay open and support the health of our customers.”

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