Canby Resident’s Question Read During Second Part of Democratic Presidential Debate

Last week, NBC News aired a national televised debate between the 2020 Democratic hopefuls for president. It came in two parts, because there are, like, 100 candidates. The Democratic primary has more people fighting for the chance to lead a country than Game of Thrones produced over the course of eight seasons, and none of them even have dragons.

Anyway. The debate also featured a surprising local connection, as Part Two included a question from “Kathleen from Canby, Oregon.” About an hour and a half in (skip to the 1:30:20 mark if you want to see it), NBC anchor Lester Holt read the question: “Many fear the current administration has inflicted irrevocable harm on our governing institutions and norms, and in the process, on our reputation abroad. The question is, what do you see as important early steps in reversing the damage done?”

Holt directed the inquiry to Colorado Sen. Michael Bennett, who, after first remarking on “what an excellent question” it was, said the country must restore democracy at home as well as relationships with important allies abroad.

On social media, a number of Canbyites were excited that a local resident would be featured on national TV in such a prominent way. Typically, this reaction was quickly followed by indignation once residents of a different political persuasion heard what Kathleen had actually said.

But, like many folks in town, we wondered, “Who is this mysterious Kathleen?” I reached out to all the Canby Kathleens I knew, and this is the closest I came: “Possibly,” she said, when asked if she was the “Kathleen from Canby, Oregon.” “I did send in a few [questions], and the one they read off did sound like mine…”

Alas, the world may never know the truth.

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