Canby Police Department Plans Pedestrian Safety Operation

The Canby Police Department will conduct a pedestrian safety operation at the marked crosswalk at Northeast 5th Avenue and North Ivy on Monday, Sept. 14.

The operation will use a decoy pedestrian and is intended to raise the awareness of both drivers and pedestrians through education and enforcement of right of way laws.

Police said the crosswalk was chosen because it is on a straight stretch and clearly visible in both directions. The area has also been a target of citizen complaints, officers added. The crosswalk will be marked with warning signs the day before the operation.

In Oregon, all intersections are considered crosswalks — regardless of whether they are marked with white lines. The CPD detail will focus on vehicles failing to stop and remain stopped for pedestrians in a marked crosswalk.

Motorists are required to stop for any pedestrians that are crossing the roadway in their lane plus the lane next to them.

Drivers seen violating any other traffic laws will also be stopped, police said, including those who are illegally using their cellphones while driving. Failure to Stop and Remain Stopped for Pedestrian is a class B traffic violation, with a base fine rate of $265.

Pedestrians are also reminded to wear bright colors and pay attention to the traffic flow when preparing to cross the road. Pedestrians are also required to obey any traffic control device that directs the pedestrian’s movement.

“The primary focus of this detail is to raise pedestrian safety awareness,” the Canby Police Department said in a Sept. 4 Facebook post. “The Canby Police Department is dedicated to the safety of the citizens and visitors to the City of Canby.”

The operation was made possible through the Oregon Department of Transportation Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Division and Oregon Impact.

Canby PD has conducted such operations at different locations in the past. A pedestrian enforcement operation in September 2019 indirectly helped spark a high-speed, multi-jurisdictional chase, when participating officers noticed a truck and boat trailer that matched the description of a reported stolen vehicle.

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