Canby Now Podcast Welcomes New Co-Hosts Joy Strube and James Walton

After a year under the direction of its two founding co-hosts, Tyler Clawson and Tyler Francke, the Canby Now Podcast is getting some new voices.

We’re thrilled to announce the involvement of Joy Strube and James Walton, who will be filling in over the next month as Francke takes a step back to be with his family.

Joy Strube

Joy grew up in California and moved to the wonderful Pacific Northwest in 2010 — which has been her home ever since. She gets excited about traveling, reading, good beer, hiking and podcasts.

Her background is in sociology and Christian ministry and she is two courses away from finishing her M.A. in Global Development and Justice.

Her passion is helping other people find ways to use their gifts, talents and passions to engage, serve and love our community.

James Walton

James is an Alaskan transplant who loves Oregon, business, books, and his family — but not necessarily in that order.

After 14 years in nonprofit leadership, James is now the founder of the Trellis Group, a business consultancy giving entrepreneurs the structure and processes to enable growth in their business.

James is also the host of the Canby Bible College Curiosity Project podcast, and a huge fan of Canby.

Joy can first be heard on “Episode 102: The Buckle Stops Here”; James’s debut was on “Episode 104: A Memorable First Session.”

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