Canby Now Podcast Launches The Other Side: Conversations about Life, Death and the Hereafter

For the past couple months, I’ve been talking with friends, family and people I’ve just met about death. Why? I’m not really sure. For whatever reason, the subject fascinates me. I don’t have any deep insights or life-altering wisdom about the subject that I’m yearning to share, nor do many of the folks I’ve been talking to (no, not even my pastor — shocking, I know).

But I do have a lot of questions. Questions like, “Why are death and dying — things every one of us has or will experience — so difficult to talk about?” And, “How can you help someone who is dealing with the grief of unspeakable loss? Should you even try to help them, or is that something best left to the ‘experts’?” And, “What do you do with a loss that doesn’t make sense? The loss of a child, or of someone to a senseless act of violence?”

I’ve been asking these questions of people who may not have all the answers, but they’re willing to talk and share their thoughts (which is probably more important anyway). And, because I don’t go anywhere without my trusty recorder (except maybe the bathroom), the Canby Now Podcast and Now Hear This Studios have been collecting these talks to share with you in a new, limited series The Other Side: Conversations about Life, Death and the Hereafter.

We’re excited to start releasing these first few episodes next week, on Aug. 28. You’ll be able to find them on Wednesdays through the Canby Now Podcast stream, so visit to subscribe, or find us on your favorite podcast app.

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