Canby High School Joins #BeTheLight Movement to Honor Class of 2020

It’s not easy being a Canby High School senior right now. After 12 or 13 years of public school education, they have to miss out on all the good stuff.

No senior prom. No senior all-night party. No graduation. And not because of anything they did. It’s because of a governor’s order and a global pandemic.

It’s enough to bum anybody out. But Canby High School and the Canby School District still wanted to honor the Class of 2020 as much as they could, and one way they’ve done so is by joining the nationwide #BeTheLight movement.

Canby High Principal Greg Dinse made the announcement on Twitter Friday afternoon.

Greg Dinse on Twitter

We’re honoring our Seniors! At 8:20pm (2020) tonight and every Friday night, we will light the stadium one minute for everyday of the closure. (Please remember, the stadium is still closed.) #BeTheLight #BeTheLightOR #CanbyProud #CanbyPositive #CanbySeniors2020

Started by high schools in Texas, the simple gesture involves turning on their stadium lights at 8:20 p.m., or 20:20 military time. It’s a symbolic way for schools to reach out to their seniors, whose graduation year has been spoiled by the coronavirus outbreak.

The movement reached Oregon this week, beginning with Madras, Culver, Bend, Mountain View, Summit, Corvallis, Crescent Valley, La Pine and Harrisburg. By Friday, more than 75 schools had committed and were showing their solidarity by using the hashtag #BeTheLightOR.

Some schools plan to do it once or twice a week. Others plan to do it daily. Some, such as Madras and, now, Canby, plan to keep the lights on one minute for every day of school lost.

Schools have put their own unique touches on the celebration, some flashing “20-20” on the scoreboard, others involving music and asking seniors to help populate the playlist (Lord knows they shouldn’t let us old guys pick the tunes). Some have even — gulp — used fireworks.

For the first #BeTheLight night in Canby, the senior class planned to hold a car parade around the parking lot, the Richard R. Brown Fine Arts Center and by the gym and stadium.

ruby on Twitter

SENIORS!! Spread the word!

Students were directed to roll their windows down, wave to friends — and stay in their vehicles.

Canby Athletics on Twitter

Thank you #Classof2020!! You were creative and kept your social distancing while still seeing the smiles we’ve missed! #BeTheLight #BeTheLightOR #CanbyProud

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