Canby Citizens Recognized for Helping Woman Experiencing Medical Episode

The Canby Police Department this week recognized two citizens for their heroic and compassionate assistance in helping a woman experiencing a medical episode during the Presidents’ Day weekend storm.

In a Feb. 18 letter, Canby Police Chief Bret Smith applauded John and Stephanie Jones for their assistance of Officer Michael Manns on the afternoon of Feb. 13, while he was conducting a welfare check on a woman who was found parked in a minivan near South Bremer and Haines roads, blocking the roadway.

The vehicle had run out of gas, and the woman was “extremely cold,” Smith wrote, and appeared to be experiencing hypothermia in the sub-freezing temperatures.

What’s more, Officer Manns soon learned the woman had a history of seizures. Not long after he first made contact, the woman began to lapse in and out of consciousness and experienced multiple seizures.

The Joneses happened to drive by the scene while Manns was providing medical assistance and stopped to help, carefully removing the woman from the van and wrapping her in a jacket and blankets.

Because the woman continued to experience seizures, they also placed a pillow under her head to prevent her from injuring herself. They stayed with the woman and Officer Manns until additional police and medical assistance arrived.

Their assistance that day was “invaluable,” the chief said.

“In addition to demonstrating your compassion for others, you reminded us that we are not alone, and that there are many people who support us,” he wrote. “Such support helps us to promote and inspire a confidence and spirit of purpose as we perform our department’s mission together.”

Chief Smith said he wished to present both Joneses with a Canby Police Department “challenge coin,” which is a small coin or medallion bearing an organization’s insignia or emblem, and is often carried by the organization’s members.

It is given to someone when it is important to recognize them for their service, for going above and beyond what might be ordinarily expected, Smith said.

“I want to present each of you with a Canby Police Department challenge coin, to recognize and thank you for the assistance you gave Officer Manns, and for your admirable performance assisting a person in need of medical attention,” Smith said. “And finally, thank you for partnering and supporting us, as ‘we’ serve our community.”

In an email to The Canby Current, Lt. Jose Gonzalez also recognized the Joneses, as well as all who contributed to the Canby community weathering the historic storm.

“I wanted to give a shout-out to our officers, public works and our fire department who worked the weekend during the storm,” Gonzalez said. “It was chaotic in town, with limited resources to pull. Our officers, the fire department, and Canby Public Works helped our city by clearing roads, responding to calls, and looking out for each other!

“It’s always great to see how our city employees and our fire department performed their best work during these difficult times, but what’s even more significant is when our citizens jump in to help our officers in extreme situations. We want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Jones for assisting Officer Manns on a welfare call.”

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