Canby-based HawkSoft Rolls Out New Text Messaging Platform for Independent Insurance Agencies

Who loves getting calls from insurance agents? Even when they’re your agent, wouldn’t you prefer if they just, you know, texted you?

If your insurance agency is a client of Hawksoft, the global leader in management systems for independent insurance agencies based right here in Canby, they will! HawkSoft recently rolled out its versatile new text messaging platform. This also makes it much easier for agents to meet federal compliance requirements in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The platform comes with automated opt-in and opt-out functionality, filterable conversations, desktop notifications and a permanent record of all conversations. It’s available at no additional cost to agencies that use the HawkSoft agency management system.

Sean Hawkins, VP of Product Development at HawkSoft, shares in a quote why this unique approach to compliance is important: “One of our goals behind HawkSoft Text Messaging is to take the guesswork out of compliance and make it automatic. Agents have invested into building trusted partnerships with their policyholders. The last thing agents need is to burn that trust with non-compliant texting practices or unauthorized texts.”

HawkSoft was founded in 1995, but it really started 11 years earlier, when Paul Hawkins and his 9-year-old son, Sean, began learning to code on a Tandy 1000 they bought from RadioShack (aw…remember RadioShack?).

Their first programs included a check register, recipe book and genealogy program. Paul and Sean began developing what would become the HawkSoft Client Management System in 1993. They founded HawkSoft on the principles of applying technology to make insurance workflows more effective, and the belief that insurance agents know how to do their own jobs better than software developers.

Find out more about this unique, privately owned company headquartered on SE 3rd Avenue in Canby at

Photo courtesy HawkSoft, Inc.

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