Brown Has Narrow Lead over Buehler in Latest Polls

The latest poll of 500 Oregon registered voters show incumbent Gov. Kate Brown may be enjoying a slight lead over her Republican challenger, Knute Buehler. The poll, by DHM Research for OPB, indicated that 40 percent of respondents would vote for Brown, or were leaning that way, while only 35 percent said the same of Buehler.

The poll also found that respondents were evenly split on their opinion of Brown, with 45 percent having a positive impression of her and 45 percent having a negative one. Buehler’s numbers there were slightly better, 36 percent positive versus 29 percent negative, but over a third—35 percent—were undecided in their impressions of him.

The poll also asked about the five statewide measures that will be on the November ballot, with some interesting findings. A clear majority of respondents was in favor of Measure 102, which would allow public entities to use bond revenue to fund the construction of affordable housing projects, while the other four measure were roundly opposed by those participating in the survey.

Another poll last week, of 356 voters, had also showed Brown with a slight edge, while one that polled almost 700 voters at the end of September had shown the two candidates in a virtual tie.

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